How to Find the Best Stained Glass in Melbourne

When it comes to stained glass in Melbourne, do you know your options? To be frank, while there aren’t that many choices out there, it is still possible for you to come across a less than reputable company that produces stained glass and leadlight windows of poor quality. Poor quality glass can easily break, fade, or simply doesn’t fit your home décor property. How can you protect yourself from stumbling across such a company? You need to know what to look for in your stained glass provider. Here’s how to find the best stained glass in Melbourne.

Stained Glass

  1. Fine craftsmanship. The ultimate goal of a stained glass maker is to create something that will evoke awe and excitement. How does this happen? A stained glassmaker in Melbourne has to come up with fresh ideas or designs. But that’s not it. They have to then use precise control over their chosen medium (glass) to turn their ideas into real life. Throughout history, stained glass has been revered as one of the highest forms of artistry. You want a final masterpiece that lives up to this reputation.
  2. Old vs. Many people wonder if old vintage stained glass is more valuable than new vintage looking stained glass. Not necessarily, so don’t just overpay because something’s “old.” For example, back in the 1970s, there wasn’t a lot of variety in how to create these windows. Today, however, it’s easy to duplicate the most intricate of older pieces. Most old windows have opaque glass, whereas current windows are cleaner. In the end, it’s about preference. You may like the opaque look, which means you should choose an older window.
  3. Repairs as well. One way you know you’ve found a good stained glass provider in Melbourne is if that provider also offers repairs. Repairing stained glass requires a special skillset and tools. Why invest in such a beautiful piece of art if you fear that you’ll never have it repaired if something were to happen? That’s why we strongly urge you to buy your stained glass from someone who promotes himself or herself as a repairman as well.

Stained glass can help turn your home into a living work of art. Stained glass tells stories, while also serve a worthwhile purpose. If you’re looking for stained glass in Melbourne, turn to Caulfield Lead Lights. Learn more about what they have to offer by visiting them at

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