How to Get Rid of Termites Effectively

A home is a precious asset for everyone and it deserves utmost care from every perspective. Be it rain or pests, one needs to take protective measures to ensure home safety. Among such threats, there’s nothing more dangerous and damaging to a house than deadly termites.

Termites eat house - How to Get Rid of Termites Effectively

Termites eat your house!

Yes, they are fed on cellulose which is an organic fibrous material present in woods and plants. Once termites appear in a house, they literally start eating up the house fittings and furniture within no time. Hence, you must take measures to get rid of them instantly.

What to do in case of Termites’ Invasion?

As soon as you figure out the termites in your house, identifying the infestation is really important. Sagging floors, holes in the wooden fittings and furniture, hollowness in the home foundation are all clear signs of termites. Look for the termite nest or termites dropping to see where they are residing in colonies.

After infestation site, figure out whether these are Subterranean termites or Drywood termites. The former one exists in the soil and wood of your home while the latter is solely wood based.

Ways to get rid of Termites

Professional termite cleaners are expensive yet not the only solution.  Upon early identification, it is possible to get rid of these house eaters by yourself. Following are some practical ways to get rid of your domestic enemy:

  • Eliminate Moisture

Termites love water and grow under damp areas. Try keeping the areas like a bathtub, sewerage lines, water pipes repaired and in good condition. Any leakage or water condensation may invite termites inside the home. Keeping the gutter clean, sewerage lines concealed and using dehumidifier are all best possible solutions.

  • Build Liquid Barrier

In order to block the termites’ colony inside your home, building soil or concrete barriers help a lot. These blockages are thicker and hard for termites to break through them.

  • Protect wood

Wood is the favorite food for termites. Be smart enough to protect your wooden stuff by appropriate wood treatments. The most common is the use of Boric acid which can be sprayed, brushed or rolled on the surface of wood for destroying termites, ants and beetles.

Another way is to build cardboard traps to catch roaming termites in the house.

  • Using Permethrin and Arsenic Dust

Using chemicals can be a faster way to get rid of termites. Permethrin and Arsenic dust can be sprayed around the house to kill termites, ants, ticks and other insects. Permethrin dust gives immediate results. Arsenic is cannibalistic in nature and kills the termites by being transmitted to those who feed on the dead ones.

  • Beneficial Nematodes

Nematodes are little worms that feed upon hosts like termites. These worms can be sprayed in the house and they will kill termites in around 48 hours.

  • Sunlight

Relying on direct sunlight is another effective treatment. Termites reside in damp and dark places. Upon exposure to sunlight, they are killed in few days. If a table or a chair is infected, keep it outside exposed in the sun for 2 to 3 days and see the magic.

  • Use Orange Oil

Pouring orange oil in the hollow or infected wood can be effective in killing the deadly enemy. This oil carries D-limonene which effectively kills Drywood termites. This ingredient is used in kitchen cleaning chemicals as well.

  • Seek Professional Help

Certain termite treatments are really technical and difficult to be dealt by yourself. It’s rather better to call for a professional service to get rid of termites. They use strong and harsh chemical sprays to kill the termites.

Electrocution is another technique where termites are killed through electrical currents following the termites’ path into the colony.

The discussed ways to get rid of termites really work, for sure. You can use them and keep your home protected from uninvited damaging bugs.

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