How to Get the Best Value For Money As Well As The Perfect Style

Choosing a style for your new kitchen is the easy part. You know how you want it to look, sure, but it is not always quite so easy to find cabinets that fit in with your chosen style and represent real value for money. From size through to material, there will be many things to consider to ensure that you create a kitchen that will offer you a great return on your investment, both during your time in the home and once it comes time to sell.

Kitchen Space

Creating a kitchen that looks great is relatively straightforward – however, doing so on a modest budget and ensuring that the end result is still going to look great five minutes after your kids are let loose in there is an entirely different thing. So, how do you balance style and practicality with durability and value for money?

It’s All About Material

Before you even begin to focus on the likes of style, you should ensure that the material you choose is right for your needs. Not only will there be different materials such as solid wood, laminate, acrylic and even metal to choose from, but within these categories will be a wide range of sub-categories to choose between.

For most people, solid wood will offer the best solution overall, being hard-wearing, highly attractive and very versatile. With other solutions, homeowners can find they confine themselves to a specific

colour scheme or style, only able to break free from these decorative shackles if they choose to replace each and every cabinet. With solid wood, not only can damage be quickly and easily repaired but, should you wish to refine your kitchen decor over time, it will be easy to do so, simply by painting or refinishing cabinets accordingly.

Wood no longer has to be an expensive option either, and those renovating their kitchens can source beautiful and durable solutions at affordable prices. Solid wood ages well, and since these products are natural, each and every cabinet will be unique. Furthermore, wood will fit in with almost any surroundings, making them the most versatile solution, whether you want your cabinets to complement laminate flooring, linoleum or tiles.

What Next?

Once you have weighed the pros and cons of each material and chosen a solution accordingly, most of the hard work will have been done for you. The material you choose will inform how stylish your room ends up looking, how versatile it is and how suitable it happens to be for your own particular needs. However, there will be other things to take into account if you want to make sure your kitchen cabinets live up to your expectations:

  • Door Style – Whilst ornate doors may seem appealing, they may not age as well as less elaborate alternatives, whilst being more expensive and far more difficult to clean. Make sure the style you choose makes sense for you and your space
  • Door Mounting – Very few people consider the impact of door mounting, and whilst it may be minimal, door mounting can affect the amount of space you have as well as the style you ultimately create
  • Space – Will the cabinets you choose help you to maximise the amount of space you can use or are awkward designs going to leave your kitchen cluttered and a constant source of frustration?
  • Knobs – The finishing touches are as important as the cabinets themselves, and poor choice here can leave an expensive or attractive solution looking cheap and dated

Taking the time to consider your needs beforehand will ensure that you make the right choice first time and that you get a solution that is stylish and practical without breaking the bank.

Author Bio: Adam Howes is a freelance writer and blogger. He regularly writes articles about kitchens and home improvements, visiting websites such as to stay up to date with all the latest industry news and developments.

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