How to Install a Roman Blind

In today’s world, one of the finest window treatments available to be used by people, all around the world, is a Roman blinds. You thought you’ll buy them and went online and ordered them. Finally they arrived and now you need to install them. So, how to go about it? Here are some quick and simple steps.

Roman blind

1. Ok. First things first. You need to assemble all the tools you will require for the roman blind’s installation. You will need;

  • Installation brackets
  • Mounting screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Drill bits (choose the drill bits according to the material of the surface on which it is to be installed.)
  • Level and,
  • Scissors

2. Before your roman shades arrive, they would have been checked and rechecked for proper installation before they are    shipped out to your address. These can be mounted inside or outside, depending on the specifications you provided.

  • For interior mount shades, make sure that the window frame is at level with the help of shims. Using shims allows you to ensure that the headrail is at the correct level you want it to be.
  • For shades that  need to be mounted on the outside of the window ledge, follow the same procedure of using shims to ensure that it is on the proper level. Also make sure to check the length of the roman blinds to ensure that they are the correct length which you specified.

3. Attach brackets to the surface where the blinds are to be mounted.

  • For the inner mount, lower the blinds to adjust their length and hold the rail at that level without moving it, then drill pilot holes into the casement behind the rail and using 2-inch wood screws, attach the blinds with the head rail to the casement.
  • For the outside mount, attach the installation brackets to the window frame and then lower the roman blind, adjust it to the right level, check for any discrepancies between the window and the head rail and then follow the same procedure that was used in the inner mount.

After reading all this, you’ve become an expert at installing roman blinds.

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