How to Know Whether or Not Your Home is Properly Insulated

While walking around your home, you might feel slight drafts that you attribute to open windows or doors. It might not be as warm as you want it to be or as cool as you think that it should be in the summer. If you feel that the temperature inside the home just can’t stay regulated, then you might want to look at the insulation as this is a common sign that there isn’t enough for the house. Other than that, here are some ways for you to know whether or not your insulation is sufficient:

Properly Foam Insulated - How to Know Whether or Not Your Home is Properly Insulated

Electric Bills

Opening your electric bill can tell you a lot about the insulation of the home. When it jumps from a maintained amount to one that is hard to grasp, then there could be a problem that you need to get addressed. Look at the energy consumption to see if that’s what’s causing the rise in the amount. However, most of the time, a significant increase is due to insulation that isn’t adequate and that allows the air inside the home to stay unregulated. The heating and cooling units have to work harder when they are on, which leads to an increase in how much you have to pay. 

Units On All The Time 

After several minutes of heating or cooling the home, your HVAC unit or air conditioner should go off. If you notice that it doesn’t, then you need to have a company come to check the unit or to look at the insulation of the home to increase what’s there. The furnace is a unit that should be maintained because it can sometimes work harder than an air conditioner since it’s larger in size and draws more power. To help with that, you may want to make sure that yours has insulated steel. If yours doesn’t, then you could always contact an HVAC service, such as Glendale Heating & Air Conditioning, to see about getting your furnace replaced with one that odes.

Small Animals 

If you notice an increase in the number of mice, moles and other small animals inside the home, then you know that there is some way that they are getting inside. Most small animals can chew their way through the insulation in the home, especially in the basement and the attic. You don’t want to continue to let animals get inside the home where you might not be able to find them when all you have to do is fix the insulation.

Moldy Smells 

When you walk in the hallway or in an area of the home where you know that there is insulation that should be sufficient and smell mold or mildew, then it likely means moisture has settled. The insulation would need to be replaced as soon as possible before the moisture begins to destroy the supports in the wall. Spray foam is a good substitute when removing insulation and adding new back to the house as it tends to stay dry and in one place.

The insulation of the home helps to maintain a constant temperature. It also helps to keep small critters and moisture outside of the home. A professional company will likely need to look at the insulation to determine the severity of the damage before you go ahead with enhancing the material that is there.

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