How to landscape your garden to suit Cardiff’s climate

Cardiff is a vibrant and energetic city and many people are proud to call it their home. But for those lucky enough to have a home with a garden, landscaping the plot and designing the space come with unique challenges. Cardiff has a moderate climate with mild winters and cold summers compared to the national average. But the main challenge to garden upkeep and design comes in the form of rain – it rains in Cardiff for nearly half the year.  Rain comes mainly in the form of drizzle and light precipitation, and not major storms, but the steady amount of rain can cause problems for gardens without adequate drainage, and plots that are close to rivers and other waterways.


It’s not all doom and gloom, however – in the summer, temperatures can reach 25 degrees C and night-time temperatures are warm. While Cardiff isn’t exactly the Mediterranean, you can still enjoy spending time in the garden. Due to the high levels of rain it helps to have a paved area for entertaining and relaxing. Here’s why landscaping your garden with paving helps you enjoy the Cardiff climate.

Benefits of block paving

Concrete interlocking block paving is a popular choice for garden landscaping in Wales. Block paving resists the freeze and thaw cycles in the winter without warping and is also beneficial in snowy times when you install dark colours – dark shades help snow melt faster. In the summer, block paving is useful because it is low maintenance and you won’t need to waste the sunny days cleaning and fixing the slabs. They are easily repaired and don’t crack like larger paving slabs. Concrete block paving is also slip-resistant in drizzly weather.

Where to use concrete paving

Concrete paving is used in many different areas around the home and garden. Driveways benefit from concrete paving as they are used heavily. The material for the driveway needs to be strong yet flexible, and resistant to rain and frost. Interlocking blocks are laid to suit the space and many different patterns can be used to suit your taste. Walkways also need paving, particularly in a wet climate. No one wants to get their feet wet by walking through long grass or muddy lawn areas. You can build walkways wherever you or your guests need access – use a walkway to lead people to the front door, to the patio area, or to the vegetable or flower beds.

Patios – the area where you sit for a meal, or to relax in a garden chair – benefit from paving. Interlocking concrete blocks are attractive enough for display yet also highly functional. You can also install a paved area under an awning for protection from the weather in the summer.

Concrete paving for Cardiff weather

A fully paved garden is not everyone’s idea of an attractive space so if you have a larger plot you can mix paved areas with lawn and flower beds. Using block paving from Cardiff manufacturers contributes to a garden that is attractive, functional, and easy to use whatever the weather.

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