How to Make Sure Your Pool is Ready for Spring and Summer?

No doubt you and your family have been waiting throughout the cold months to be able to use your swimming pool. But there are things to be done before you rip off the cover and leap in this summer. Here are some steps to take before enjoying your pool.

Children Swimming - How to Make Sure Your Pool is Ready for Spring and Summer?

Equipment Check
First, take all the supplies needed out of storage and check them. Clean those that need cleaning. Remove the covers and plugs that were put on for the winter, and clean out the filtration system. Use a garden hose to wash out the cartridges. Clean out a sand filter, and replace a filter that uses diametaceous earth.

Balance the Chemicals
Have a professional pool contractor balance your pool chemicals test the mineral content, pH, alkalinity and chlorine content of the water and balance the chemicals if they need it. Professionals claim that a good pH for a swimming pool is between 7.2 and 7.4, which means it’s alkaline. A pool whose pH is less than 7.2 may be too acidic, so add soda ash. If it’s about 7.4 and too alkaline, add muriatic acid.

The alkalinity of the pool is best between 80 and 120. If it’s too low, add sodium bicarbonate. If it’s too high, add muriatic acid. The calcium levels should be between 150 and 250 parts per million. Though hard water, or water that’s full of calcium, may not be welcomed inside the home, swimming pool water should be hard. Soft water leaches calcium from its surroundings and that may include parts of the pool itself. To make sure there’s enough calcium, add calcium chloride.

The chlorine levels are best at 1 to 3 parts per million. To protect chlorine from being degraded by the sun, have a professional add tablets of cyanuric acid to the filtration system.

Take off Cover, Add Water
The cover should stay on the pool for as long as practicable. To take it off too early simply allows more debris to fall into the water that will have to be scooped and vacuumed up later. When the cover does come off, let it dry in the sun to discourage mildew before you put it away then use the pool vacuum to suck up the detritus at the bottom. If the water level has sunk a bit, add water. The swimming pool should never be drained save in the most dire emergency. If it is sitting in ground with a high water table, it can be heaved right out of the earth.

Reinstall the ladders, lights, diving boards and other hardware, and turn on the power to make sure there are no leaks, and all is running as it should. Let the pool run for about a day, then have a professional from a company like Slater H & Son Pty Ltd. to retest the chemicals and the water. Another rule is not to jump in until the water is crystal clear. This may take another week, but if you and your family wait you’ll have a lovely body of clear, clean water to swim in all summer.

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