How To Make Your Home As Safe As Possible

Even in a relatively new home, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. That is why it is so important for every homeowner to continue looking for ways they can make their property as safe as possible. Here are a few of the biggest potential risks in your home and what you can do to mitigate them.

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Install Smart Smoke Detectors 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, having working smoke alarms in your home will reduce your risk of dying in a residential fire by over 50 percent. Many modern smoke detectors have wireless capabilities and can communicate with one another, the residents of the home, and the fire department. These devices can even tell you where the fire started as well as how to safely exit your house. 

Set Up Safety Gates 

Anyone who has any younger children in their home should install safety gates in front of stairs and around bodies of water such as a Jacuzzi or pool. Those who live with seniors should also consider installing safety gates and rails to reduce their risk of falling accidents. As your children grow older, you might need to upgrade the gates or have them permanently attached to the walls so that they can’t be knocked down or climbed over.

Have the Electrical System Inspected 

Depending on the age of your home’s electrical system, you might need to have it inspected as often as once every four or five years. While most modern electrical systems are extremely safe and durable, they can become damaged over the years. If any damage has taken place, then you should immediately contact a local electrician from a company such as Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc. to discuss your options for repairing the wires, outlets, and breakers. Some of the most common signs of an aging electrical system include flickering lights, outlets that are hot to the touch, and breakers that constantly trip.

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Remove Moisture and Standing Water 

Very few people realize just how dangerous mold and mildew can be. When fungus begins to thrive in a home, it will increase a family’s risk of countless respiratory issues ranging from throat irritation to bacterial infections. In addition to keeping your home’s humidity levels below 50 percent, you should also visually inspect the attic, crawlspaces, and cabinets for any signs of water damage or standing water.

Maintaining a safe and secure environment at home requires patience and constant vigilance. If you feel like you might be forgetting any potential hazards, then you might also want to consider making a safety checklist that you can go over a few times a year to address any problematic areas.

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