How to Minimize the Need for Heating Repair Service

Your heating system is a complex system with many parts, and many household factors to consider.  It is important that you educate yourself on how your system works and take steps and precautions to maintain your system. This will help you avoid time consuming and expensive repairs to your system, as well as the disruption of your comfort. Because our heating systems are so vital to us, it is important that we keep them maintained and taken care of to insure their efficiency and long life.  Proper maintenance can prevent several issues and problems that might lead to costly repairs.  Follow these steps and tips below to find out how to maintain your heating system in order to extend its life and efficiency.

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Routine Maintenance

It is important to have your heating system serviced annually. This will insure your system is properly inspected by a licensed technician for any issues and will allow the technician to repair small issues that he might find. This will in turn prevent larger issues from occurring which can save you time and money.  The technician will also clean our system thoroughly.   You can also clean your system periodically yourself, which is important and helpful during the winter months.  Having your heating system cleaned on a regular basis keeps dirt and debris from collecting on your system and decreasing its’ efficiency.  This will inevitably save you money in the long run, not to mention lowering your monthly electric bill.

Thermostat Control

Another factor that can play into your heating system’s functioning is your thermostat.  Perhaps your thermostat is an older model and you have to constantly adjust it to make you more comfortable or warm.  Consider replacing your thermostat with one that has a programmable control system.  This allows you to set the designated temperature on your thermostat during different parts of the day. This helps your heating system by decreasing its’ output.  If you are constantly adjusting your thermostat throughout the day, your heating system is working extra hard throughout the day.  However if you have pre-programmed temperatures, you are less likely to adjust the thermostat, and your heating system does not overextend itself.  A good way to prevent your heating system from working too hard to have it set to turn off or be on very low when you are not at home, and then on a warmer setting when you are at home. Try to stick to the same pattern every day and try not to adjust the thermostat frequently.

Side Tips

Some other simple tips for maintaining your heating system is to insure you have proper insulation throughout your home. Also, be sure to have your technician thoroughly inspect your duct-work throughout your home as well, as leaky ducts can decrease the air circulation and decrease the amount of warm air in your home. You can also insure that all leaks in your home around your windows and doors are sealed.  This can be completed easily on your own by filling the leaks or cracks with caulk.

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