How to Pick the Best Place to Raise a Family

Some young families prefer to bring their children up in the place where they’re from. There is a lot of sense to this, as it is an area that the parents are comfortable in and that has an inherent social network and a likely support net of other family members. However, this isn’t everyone’s lot in life. Some young families, whether for work or other personal reasons, decide to up their family and go somewhere new. If you are considering moving your family to a new place, here are some things to consider about how to pick where to go…

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Follow the housing

Wherever you move, you’re going to need an actual home to live in. This is one major aspect that can shape where young families are heading. Sure, plenty of people would love to live in Boulder, Colorado, but not everyone can afford the millions of dollars it would cost to buy a small home there. Housing markets have a powerful effect on migration rates, and it’s important to put your family in a place where you won’t feel under house arrest because all of your money is tied up in the property.

Cost of living

There are a lot of expenses to raising a family, feeding growing children is no easy task, and clothes and school supplies aren’t cheap. On top of this, you want to make sure that you have enough money to do fun things, travel, and make memories with your kids. For this reason, it’s important to consider your income and what place is going to offer you the most bang for your buck. Sure, Palo Alto, California is a beautiful town, but the price of a gallon of milk could get you a chicken dinner in other places.

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Consider the state (or city) culture

The United States is a large country with so many different types of people and subcultures that sprawl across it. Each region of the country is notably different from each other. Southwest Texas is practically a different country from the East Coast. Before you move anywhere, consider if the culture of where you are looking at is a place that you are comfortable being a part of, and if it’s a place that aligns with how you want to raise your kids. This isn’t to say that any of these cultures are better than others, but people are puzzle pieces that either fit together or don’t. For example, a multitude of states have legalized marijuana, recently, and even if there have been economic benefits in these states, some people might have reservations about the effects it will have on their kids. This article has some helpful information about this topic, in particular.

Find good schools

We all want what is best for our children. This might be a part of why you are packing up your life and moving your family. It’s for this reason that you should always do research into the local schools of any areas before you decide to move there. Unless you are forking out a fortune for private schools, searching for high quality public schools is a time investment that is going to pay off for your children later down the road.

Family Time - How to Pick the Best Place to Raise a Family

Are loved ones around?

Even if you are leaving your roots for someplace new, you don’t have to move to a place where you are a stranger in a strange land. If you have family or friends in an area that can help you transition to a new life, then that is an incredible advantage that should be taken advantage of! Not only does this give you someone who knows you and can be supportive in the area, but they can also introduce you to other families and expand your social network. A new place will never feel like home until you can truly say you aren’t alone.


A major factor into where you decide to move may simply have to do with what sort of work is available where you are going. If you want to become an audio engineer, then there probably isn’t going to be a lot of work in Idaho Falls. Likewise, a marine biologist is going to have a hard time finding a job in Wichita, Kansas. Follow the work opportunities so that your career can bloom, and you’ll be setting an excellent example for your children.

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