How to protect your flowers & gardens from pests

A garden is a perfect place of relaxation. It should be that kind of location that is pretty enjoyable as well as stress free. When sometimes you come home after tough schedule, you may want to sit in some fresh and peaceful environment. It refreshes your nerves and gives a soothing feeling. That’s why your garden should be a serene point to enjoy and relax.

Garden Pest

Now whether you have fresh beautiful flowers, or a simple vegetable garden, there are still various important tips to remember, to make sure that bugs and pests will not disturb your hard work.

Natural methods:

If you have ever read through some flower & garden magazines, you definitely came across dozens of ‘true & tried” natural home methods that can keep your gardens and flowerbeds beautiful safe.

Here are some most effective methods to apply;

  • Fences & row covers:

The most obvious technique of deterring pests is to efficiently cover your all plants as well as garden with a fence or some simple lightweight fabric sheet. This method will greatly allow the entire proper growth and will also prove helpful in pest control.

  • Collars:

Collars basically fit over the entire base of the stem of all plants & flowers, it greatly prevent the bugs from crawling up, damaging and eating the stem.

  • Coffee grounds:

Do you know the fact that Bugs don’t like coffee? If no, they try this method. Add some coffee to the soil in order to increase the acidity. It is best for plants and definitely bad for bugs and pests.

  • Mint & pine:

If you are experiencing a worst problem with slugs, then I think mint and pine will surely help to cure the issue. Add couple of mint leaves and some pine needles around the garden. It will immediately stop slugs to grow and damage the garden.

  • Natural chemical barriers:

Although this trick isn’t for everyone, but still some people quite appreciate this technique. Place some animal urine around the proximity of your garden; it will certainly keep all pests away.

Chemical methods:

If you think you will not be able to apply natural methods all the time, and want some fast acting chemical methods in order to get rid of bugs and pests; then I will recommend you to use some natural pesticide. These can be easily found in any local hardware store.

Professional methods:

But if natural and chemical methods are still not the proper solution for your homes and garden. And you think your gardens and plants are in serious trouble, then you should go for professional methods and get reliable home pest control services.  Because, in this situation you need the team of expert professionals who can offer comprehensive and convenient pest control methods, and will also provide effective solutions to treat the issue.

There are still multiple chemical based solutions and powders people can use to treat the problem. Just read and follow all the given directions carefully, in order to make sure that you are not accidentally causing any serious kind of damage!

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