How to Rediscover Your Living Space in a Budget

To get a complete makeover to your house does not cost as much as you think always! There are certain things that you can do without spending a lot, at the same time, giving a fresh look to the space.


Here are some tips to get a house makeover in a limited budget:

Less is more!

A room that has a lot of furniture may look cluttered and stuffed all the time. If that is the case with your rooms, you may want to consider getting rid of some of the articles you can do without. Sometimes, doing this alone can give you a completely different look of your room. The less the furniture, the classier the room!

Make a plan!

Yes! Have a pen and a notepad, and keep writing down the ideas. Make a note of all the action items so you do not have to remember them all. You can also draw diagrams of the rooms and your idea of the changes you intend to make. Take ideas from the internet or magazines and try using them in the diagrams.

Paint the walls!

Browse through different shades of the colors you want to consider. You can try different colors for different rooms. To cut down on the painting costs, you may want to do it yourself. Getting your family to help you with it on a weekend could turn it into a fun task. You can try looking for inexpensive wallpapers for one wall in each room if like it.

If you do not intend to live in the house for long, choose a neutral color the new occupants wouldn’t mind.

Reuse, recycle!

You can use your old furniture by repainting them or getting them repaired. Repainting the old sofa and the dining table to go with the new color of your walls can be a great idea. Look for old stuff in your attic or store room; sometimes you find just what you need. Try to make use of the old curtains, sofa covers, rugs and tablecloth.

Redo the windows!

Changing the window coverings can help you give a new and fresh look to your rooms. Look for cheap options like window blinds or curtains. If you save some more before getting these, you can try looking for timber or basswood shutters at best prices. They look great on windows and come in a variety of different colors.

Ask friends and family

You may want to check with your friends and relatives if they are replacing their furniture or other articles. If they are in good condition, you can use them in your makeover. It is not necessary to find new items to redo your home décor. Sometimes old articles help you get a whole-new look of the entire living space.

Buy during sale

Look out for a sale or visit a thrift store to buy what is required for the makeover. Make a list of all the items required before you visit the store.


These tips can help you get a new and fresh look to your house without having to spend a huge amount on the makeover.

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