How to Ruin Your Buildings Design or How to Use Signs

Do you know how much time, money and effort is used on the design of a building? A lot. Do you know the easiest surefire way to ruin that? Ugly signs.

Interior - How to Ruin Your Buildings Design or How to Use Signs


You spend hours and hours with architects and interior designers to get the perfect expression for your building. You painstakingly put together everything, so that it gives off the emotion, that you want your building to give. That is then ruined by the next thing you do. You call some guy that comes by with a screwdriver and puts up a few pieces of plastic. The things will stick out like a sore thumb. You see that it does, but put it up to it being just the way things are. It doesn’t have to be. 

Used wisely, your signs can be part of your buildings expression and enhance the emotion it gives off. All aspects in the design of a building are meant to give off emotion. Walk into a hotel’s foyer; you feel the grandiosity of that hotel. Walk into a cinema; you feel the excitement of the experience to come. Walk into a greengrocer’s; you feel the cosiness of the countryside. When you walk into a building it affects you, whether you want it to or not – It’s subliminal. Signs are the one thing that isn’t subliminal – It actively calls for our attention. It should also be given a lot of attention when designing the building. You can be sure that the signs of your building will be noticed – actively. Take an active interest in incorporating them into your building.


For thousands of years we humans have made our way through landscapes with the help of signs. Natural signs were most likely the first. At some point a set route formed. A guy dressed in an ox hide thought of stacking some rocks on top of each other to give people a sign that they were going in the right direction. The rocks stuck out and did not exactly enhance the emotion of the trail. He might not have thought much about that – the trail didn’t get a quarterly financial review. At some point a guy with a sense of aesthetics gave this some attention and thought of using signs to lead people to where he trades – let’ say – ox hides. He chose the right rocks in certain colours to give off the impression that he wanted. You want to be that guy – minus the ox hide, probably. You want to give your signs attention.

The one thing about your building that isn’t subliminal deserves attention. Find good signage at

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