How to Secure Your Cars in the Garage

Your garage is a favourite spot for car thieves and home burglars. Most home owners take house security seriously, but often forget to take simple precautions in their garages. Thieves are well aware that garages also function as a store for other valuables such as bikes, tools and machinery. Breaking into garages is also easier, since they tend to be located further away from other rooms in the home. These are steps you should take to keep your garage burglar proof.

in the Garage

Make the interior less visible

This is a simple way of preventing car thieves from casing the joint. Install blinds or board up windows to make your cars and valuables invisible from the outside. You should also keep the garage door closed even when around, as thieves will get a sneak preview of what you have in store. This will also prevent thieves from seeing what type of locks you have on the inside.

Do not leave the garage remote in the car

Convenient as it is to keep the garage remote in the car, thieves will find it easy to steal then use it later. The remote should stay on a key ring you can carry with you. This is especially important when the car is parked in the driveway or at the local store.

Use a secure garage door

The door to the garage should be made of very sturdy material to prevent break-ins. Metallic doors, fiberglass or heavy wood is best. The door hinges should not be exposed on the outside, since burglars can easily cut or remove them to gain entry.

Use a good lock

Thieves use plenty of ways to get into the garage. One way is by fishing with a wire and hook for the door release, by wedging an opening at the top of the garage door. Padlocks are effective at preventing this trick. You may also use secure locks that snap into place when you pull the door close. These prevent you from forgetting to lock it. Dead bolts, extra locks or coded automatic locks are also useful.

Use an alarm system

This is the best deterrent to have in your garage. The home security system should encompass the garage, so it warns you when a burglar tries to gain entry. Install motion detectors and bright lights, as these scare away thieves. CCTV cameras are also helpful in keeping an eye on the garage, especially from a distant bedroom.

Use an online system

Modern technology allows you to have a lot of functionality on a smart phone. A garage door sensor and locking system can be connected to an app on your phone. This will make sure you get warned when the door is open, or in case you forget to lock the door. The phone has the added capability of working as a remote key.

Every driver spends a lot of time and money learning how to drive, then in buying a car. From the driving theory test to final car ownership, the last thing you would wish for is car theft or burglary. Taking these simple steps will ensure you enjoy your hard earned driving experience without any nasty surprises.

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