How to Select Art For Your Bathroom

It’s no secret that bathrooms are hard to decorate. They’re hotbeds of humidity, weird odors, and too much white, all of which makes them hard to match, accent, and accessorize. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to add flair to your throne room, all you need is some personal style and wisdom.


Here is a list of 4 things you absolutely must consider before hanging anything on your bathroom walls.

1. Moisture resistant

Nothing is less appealing than a piece of peeling art work on a bathroom wall, so don’t–under any circumstances–decorate this room with vulnerable media like watercolors, or with works that rely heavily on glue (unlacquered collages are a no), or on one of a kind photographic prints. None of these will withstand the heat and moisture that accumulates in your bathroom, even if it is well ventilated.

Instead, look for metal based pieces, or acrylics (on wood or canvas). Wood will have natural resilience, and be compatible with you humid environment. Metal is ideal, but doesn’t always match the ambiance of an already cold room, so follow your gut.

2. Size matters

A great room, lofty dining room, or an impressive entryway are appropriate locations for bold, oversized statement pieces. By contrast, libraries, bedrooms, and dens are suitable for intimate purchases: nudes, limited editions, sentimental, and otherwise highly prized pieces of art. The bathroom is not the proper venue for any of these.

Instead, aim for modestly sized works of art that come with a correspondingly modest price tag. In a room with so many opportunities for disaster (errant hair sprays, gels, water splashes, moisture in the air, etc.) it’s wiser and less ostentatious to place humble works in this correspondingly modest space.

3. Content is crucial

So many people think that what every bathroom really needs is a good joke, and so they go in search of something clever, cartoonish, and framed. Usually the prefered subject matter for these items is also located in the bathroom. Maybe it’s a fellow on a toilet, a child peeing in a field, an image of a historic outhouse, or some batty lady kicking her legs out of a clawfoot tub.

Regardless of specifics, none of these choices come anywhere near being quality bathroom wall art. If your guests and family members need something to entertain themselves with, they’ll likely to turn to their cell phones, anyhow. So, stop trying so hard, and purge yourself of the need amuse. Humor is inherent in the loo.

4. Seek stillness

If we apply design wisely, the bathroom can be a peaceful, relaxing location. After all, it is home to the beloved bathtub, a favorite for all who seek tranquility at day’s end.

For this reason, it’s important to avoid anything that spins, flutters, quivers, or oscillates when you’re choosing bathroom decor. Remember, just because you’d like to find a piece made of metal, doesn’t mean you’re looking for lawn ornaments.

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