How to Select the Perfect Bench Top for Your Kitchen Decor

Kitchen bench top is one of the most important parts that add a finishing touch to a kitchen. It is where most of the work is performed related to preparing food.  Thus, it is important to choose just the right materials and dimensions of the bench top for the purpose you want it to have.

Kitchen Bench Top

There are myriad of choices available, you must choose a bench top that suits your style, adds functionality and is aesthetically pleasing. As so many styles are available in the market to choose from, the task of selecting a bench top can sometimes be overwhelming.

Here is the list of some of the most common bench tops to try and make things a bit easier:

–  Granite Style: These types of bench tops are very durable. They are scratch and chip resistant.  Hot items can be placed directly on the bench top and the bench top itself can be used for food preparation. However, as granite is porous, it is required to be sealed frequently, generally around once a year to prevent staining and unhygienic absorption of liquids and bacteria.

–  Corian style: Corian style bench tops are an original blend of solid, non-porous surface material made from natural minerals and acrylic resin. They usually come in various different colours and are obtainable in matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes.

Kitchen Bench Top 2

–  Marble Style: Marble style bench tops often comprise of same qualities as granite. It is a beautiful natural stone that looks magnificent. This style of bench top is often favoured for the preparation of dough and pastries. However, they are rather porous and any stains should be wiped off immediately. Moreover, it will require sealants to be applied more often than granite does.

–  Stainless Steel Style: Stainless steel bench tops presents the look of contemporary kitchens and are growing in popularity. Stainless steel bench tops are extremely hygienic and are very easy to keep clean. They are capable of withstanding very high temperatures. However, the largest drawback of this type of bench top is that it tends to scratch relatively easily. Thus, it should be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners.

–  Quantum Quartz style: It is the premium and most durable stone bench top. It is non-porus, very hygienic and extremely resistant to stain. Beautifully finished Quantum Quartz requires very low maintenance.

So, these are some of the best and top most styles of kitchens Melbourne bench tops. However, your choice will depend on how often you use your kitchen and how long you want it to last. In order to know what type of bench tops best fits your purpose and what should you be looking out for, there are some important aspects that can help you to narrow down your choices.

Kitchen Bench Top 3

These aspects are as follows:

–  Cost: Cost is perhaps the most important factor to be considered. The cost of your bench top may include both the production costs of the materials as well as what is involved in terms of supply and installation.

–  Style: style is another important factor to be considered when choosing benches for your kitchen. Some materials are best suited to a particular style of kitchen than others. So, whatever type of bench top you choose for your kitchen, make sure it goes well with the style of your kitchen.

–  Level of maintenance required: Some of the bench tops though look beautiful; they may require great attention and maintenance. So, it is necessary to understand that the amount of maintenance shouldn’t be too demanding, before you buy any type of bench top.

To wrap up, once you kitchen layout has been done, the next important thing that comes in picture is choosing a suitable bench top. It should be such that fits in with the look of your kitchen and most importantly it should be functional and suitable for your requirements.

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