How to Set Up a Home Entertainment System

There’s nothing like the escape that a home entertainment system provides. Whether you’re losing yourself in your favorite movie, or enjoying a little levity with your favorite sitcom, your home’s entertainment system is a great place of community and enjoyment for your entire family. Whether you’re installing an entertainment system with a few simple components, or you’re aiming for an all-out “man cave,” there are some techniques and tips you can follow to ensure your system looks great and operates effectively.

Home Entertainment System - How to Set Up a Home Entertainment System

Don’t Skimp on Speakers

While the picture display is certainly the center of a home entertainment system, evidenced by the ever-increasing average size of televisions sold, a quality sound system is what separates the wannabes from the true pros. A solid sound system allows movies and TV shows alike to truly envelop you and make you feel a part of the action. Your mind can accommodate for a so-so picture, but if the sound quality is lacking, you’ll never get a true theater experience. Especially since TVs are a dime-a-dozen, consider spending the bulk of your budget on sound equipment, and then getting the best TV you can with what’s left over.

Safety First

Home entertainment equipment is heavy. Even new TVs, though they have gotten thinner and lighter, are still quite heavy overall. That is why it’s crucial that you properly mount and secure all pieces of your home entertainment equipment, so that everyone in your home, especially animals and small children, are safe at all times. Mount TVs using a properly-sized mount directly into studs, mount projectors directly into joists, and keep childproof locks on all home entertainment cabinets.

Keep It Comfortable

A home entertainment system is great, but if you don’t have comfortable furniture at a comfortable angle to utilize the home entertainment system, it’s essentially useless. Sit in each position in the chairs or couches you have in your entertainment area to make sure each person can easily see the television and hear the sound. Also ensure that you don’t have to strain your neck by looking too far up or down to see the TV, and adjust the height of the TV as necessary to get it at a comfortable viewing angle.

Enjoy It

Remember that your home entertainment system is a great tool for bonding with friends and family. While it can be fun to binge watch a season or two of your favorite show when no one’s around, the power of quality entertainment to bring people together cannot be understated. Once you have the perfect home entertainment setup, don’t just keep it to yourself. Enjoy time spent together with friends and family while indulging in popcorn and other theater-worthy snacks. Who knows, you might discover a new movie you never thought you’d like at the suggestion of someone else.

Hide Those Wires

There is nothing that will detract from the impressiveness of a large TV like a bunch of visible messy cables. Visible cables make it look like you didn’t finish the job of installing your home entertainment system and also make a dangerous temptation for pets and small animals. If you need a specifically-placed power outlet, hire an electrician from a company like In Phaze Electric to install one for you instead of using an extension cord. If you need to hide cables, either drill holes in your wall and run them through, or use a cable cover and then paint it to match your wall color.

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