How to Turn Your Garage Into an At-Home Gym

It can be really hard to find time to get to the gym. Working a full time job, and then coming home to your family means that you don’t always have the time to squeeze in a workout. Whenever you have free time, you want to be at home with your family, and that makes sense! Things that take you away from your home are often at the bottom of your list of priorities. Your physical health is something that’s still really important, however, and so if you’re struggling to find time to make it to the gym, you may want to explore other avenues. Luckily, you can convert a corner of your garage into a gym and workout space relatively easily!

Garage Space - How to Turn Your Garage Into an At-Home Gym

Planning out the space

If your garage is larger than one car capacity, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a small space for your home workouts. Even if your car is a one car garage, you can still make it work! You’ll just have to park your car in the driveway during your workouts. You’ll really only need enough space to move around comfortably and set up your equipment.


Before you start installing equipment, you’ll need to clean your garage! And we’re not just saying to organize it. Actually scrub it down. Pull everything out of the area of the garage you’ll be working out in, and then get a bucket full of soapy water. Use some old rags to scrub the walls, ceiling, and floor of the entire area, then repeat the process with plain water. Bring a box fan into the garage to help speed up the drying process, and then rub the whole area down with some dry towels. You’ll be a lot more likely to work out in your home gym space if you’re not grossed out by being there.

Making the space more comfortable

Working out on the concrete floor is going to not only be uncomfortable, but it’s not good for your joints. The perfect solution to this problem is to purchase some garage gym flooring mats. They don’t require any installation; you just lay them down in the area you’ll be using. They’re often made of rubber, which means they’ll be shock resistant and will absorb a lot of your weight when you’re doing exercises that require jumping.

Exercise Equipment - How to Turn Your Garage Into an At-Home Gym


Of course, you’ll need equipment in order to actually work out in your new garage gym. You don’t need any fancy equipment, so don’t feel obligated to go out and buy an elliptical or a treadmill. For cardio, you can go jogging around the block. Not only is it a great, easy way to get your heart rate up, but it also gives you a chance to have some fresh air during your workout. Another great, inexpensive way to get in your cardio is to invest in a good jump rope. Jumping rope really brings your heart rate up and burns a lot of calories.

Getting one weighted bar and a few interchangeable weights will have you set. It could also be helpful to get a few hand weights in different weights. With just these two sets of weights, you’ll be able to work every muscle group in your entire body, not just your arms and back.

Another great idea is to install a pull up bar overhead. Make sure that you install it out of the way of your garage door, so you don’t have any issues.

And of course, you can always do bodyweight exercises that require no equipment at all! Pull out a yoga mat, for extra joint support, and work your way through a Yoga routine, barre class, or a crossfit-inspired workout.

Yoga At Home Gym - How to Turn Your Garage Into an At-Home Gym

Keeping it safe

No matter where you’re working out, you have to make sure that your practice some simple safety rules. Make sure that you’re using proper form with all of your exercises, whether you’re using equipment or not. If you’re not sure if you’re doing something right, look up some Youtube videos until you can ensure you’re using the right form. If you use incorrect form, you’ll be setting yourself up for injury. If you have any exercise equipment that needs to be bolted down, either to the ceiling or the floor, such as a pull up bar, make sure that it’s secure before you start using it! It’s worth it to take those few extra minutes to make sure that it’s safe before putting all of your weight on it.

It’s also a great idea during the warmer months to keep your garage door open while you work out! Your garage tends to get incredibly hot during the summer, so to avoid heat stroke, setting up a box fan and opening the door will keep you safe.

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