How to Use Leather Framed Mirrors for Your Home Decor

You must have many mirrors with frames in a range of different materials such as metal in different finishes, various kinds of wood, carved, plain, combinations and so on. And you probably matched them to blend in with the decor of each room in your home or business, but here’s yet another kind of frames for mirrors that are perfect for a contemporary or rustic setting, leather framed mirrors.

Matching framed bathroom MIrrors

Types of Leather Frames

You can choose the color of the leather as it suits your room theme. Pick out white with or without metal studs, brown, black, dark green, rose and also yellow, to name a few. There is also a collection of embossed or printed leather frames that display a variety of patterns that could be colored or suede leather frames. Then again, you could choose from crocodile, snake or other kinds of leather.

If your room has a dated theme, you could go for a combination of metal and leather designs that look so very elegant and appealing. Mirrors with frames that have a Moroccan touch are also very popular. Even if your room does not follow the theme, you could still choose a custom leather framed mirror to add an interesting touch to a particular nook of the room. Do remember that the versatility of leather allows it to adapt to mirrors of any shapes and sizes. And if you are an animal lover and not too keen on using real skin, you have the option of choosing a faux leather framed mirror. You could also look around at the collection of leather framed mirrors at Texas Custom Mirrors and choose the one you like best.

DIY Framing Ideas

While you can buy a leather framed wall mirror from your local dealer or an internet store, you also have the option of creating your own DIY work of art. All you need to do is choose the right size wooden framed for your mirror and the leather that appeals to you along with some basic tools like a pair of scissors or a utility knife, hammer and a staple gun. Also make sure you have some staining liquid for the leather and a box of hammered brass tacks. And you can get started.

  • Measure out the sides of your frame and cut strips of leather accordingly. Make sure the width of the leather is about 4 inches wider than the width of the frame you have. Also, the length of each leather strip should be 4 inches longer than each side of the frame to allow you to wrap the frame more easily.
  • Now begin by folding an inch of leather inwards through its entire length. You will be using this edge on the side of the frame that appears on the mirror. Wrap the strips all around the frame by stapling them at the back with your staple gun. On reaching the corners, create a 45-degree angle by mitering them so they sit properly and have a clean look.
  • Use a rag to rub the stain onto the leather. This will not only give your frame a pastoral look but will also serve to cover the cracks in the leather. Staining will also darken it so that you have a lovely rustic leather framed mirror in the end. Allow your frame to dry for completely before you proceed. An hour of standing time should be enough.
  • Attach the folded edge to the front of the frame. You could use the brass tacks placed at perhaps half an inch or an inch apart as you like them. The tacks will add a homely, old-fashioned look to the frame that is very appealing. So, you have a beautiful frame that can add a touch of warmth to any room where you use it.
  • Mount the frame on your mirror and hang it up. Step back and revel in your workmanship.

So you see, leather framed mirrors can do wonders for the elegance of your home or commercial establishment. Use full-length mirrors in your bedroom to help you dress or above your dresser. Install one in your living room, and enjoy the admiring looks of visitors to your home. For an extensive variety to choose from and more interior design ideas, visit us or contact at leather framed mirrors at Texas Custom Mirrors, your one stop destination for all your mirrors and framing needs.

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