Imagining Your Dream Home – 4 Tips for Planning Your Remodel

Many homeowners who are dreaming about their forever home are opting to remodel their current house rather than selling it to buy another property. A renovation will give you exactly what you want at your current location without the cost or effort of moving and the fear that the new house might come with hidden problems. The following tips can help you to plan your renovation project so that your remodeled home meets or exceeds your expectations.

Home Space - Imagining Your Dream Home - 4 Tips for Planning Your Remodel

Add Needed Space

While reorganizing your home’s layout, consider finishing the basement for added space. You may also be able to add a bonus room over the garage or a mother-in-law suite, not necessarily for that purpose, to the rear side of the home. This is a good time rearrange shelving or add build-ins for a custom look. You can also reconfigure closets and cupboards to more adequately meet your storage needs.

Update the HVAC

If your heating and cooling system is getting older or not working as efficiently, consult with heating and residential air conditioning contractors to find out what type of replacement system your home needs to maintain comfortable temperatures in warm or cold weather. Newer equipment tends to be more fuel efficient and is usually cheaper to operate. You might be able to reduce installation costs by purchasing both systems together.

Upgrade Lighting and Flooring

New light fixtures can completely transform living space from old fashioned to eye-catching. Select lighting plans that coordinate with your home’s style, whether modern, contemporary, or farmhouse-themed. Choose from a huge range of wall sconces, track lighting, recessed lights, and chandeliers as well as other types. To go along with new lighting, this may be a good time to change your window draperies or even to replace aging windows that let in more light or that can be trimmed with decorative blinds. Flooring can also be replaced for newer or more attractive designs in hardwoods, tile, or carpet.

Change the Décor

You may also want to completely change your home’s décor. For example, you could switch from a mid-twentieth century retro style to a more contemporary look by replacing key furniture pieces, adding fresh paint, and replacing wall art to make it cohesive throughout your home or to accent certain spaces and rooms. The kitchen and bathroom can be redone in new colors and decorative accents at modest cost.

As you prepare for your home’s remodel, make it your dream come true by planning the details that will mean the most. Look over the space, the lighting and flooring, your chosen décor, and even your HVAC with experts, such as residential air conditioning contractors.

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