Importance of Designer Quilt Covers

Quilt is a covering for beds usually made with three distinct layers of fiber. First, the woven cloth on top that serves as the design focus, which may either be a whole-cloth quilt or piece from several pieces. Second, the insulating layer known as batting made from materials like cotton, wool and down feathers. Third, the woven back, which usually contains just one or two pieces of cloth for stability.

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The coverings on these beddings are called quilt covers. It should also be emphasized that a quilt cover is synonymous to a duvet cover. This is because duvets were known as continental quilts when these were first introduced in England during the early 1970s.

Duvets are similar to comforters, but with a main difference – the former can be outfitted with replaceable, washable and ornamental covers while the latter cannot. A common analogy is that duvets are large pillows while the duvet covers are the corresponding pillowcases.

Why are quilt covers essential bedding items in homes, hotels and other hospitality-related establishments?

The most common reasons are:

  • Duvets usually cannot be washed as often as desired for several reasons. These bedding require several steps before washing can commence including the removal of the down inside the batting while many duvets actually require dry cleaning. Otherwise, the water can ruin the down stuffing, thus, rendering the duvet of little to no use. This is where duvet covers comes handy. These coverings can be washed alongside the other bedding like bed sheets, blankets and pillowcases while the quilts are left alone, so to speak.
  • Duvet covers are easily changeable. The buttons and zippers on this bedding make for a fast, easy and convenient process in either putting these on the duvets or removing them from the duvets for cleaning purposes. Because of such feature, quilt covers can be changed as often as necessary. Many homeowners change the quilt covers every two weeks and some even change it on a weekly or a monthly basis as desired. The changing schedule will depend on several factors like frequency of use – hotels must change the covers with each guest, for example – and aesthetic preferences.
  • Duvet covers come in a wide variety of designs, styles and sizes. Every size is available from single to the king, which can be bought ready-made while many others may have customized covers for their equally customized quilts. There are plenty of designs to choose, so much so that every aesthetic can be catered to by a reliable manufacturer. Examples of styles include classic, modern and country in various materials like cotton, silk, rayon and even microfiber. Homeowners love the wide variety of designs because it allows them to change the vibe of any bedroom just by changing the duvet covers. For example, the bedroom may have a country feel to it because of the gingham style on the duvet cover. Its vibe can easily be changed into a modern one by changing the quilt cover to, say, ones with abstract artwork on the top layer.

Indeed, quilts and quilt covers are obvious ways to keep warm during cold nights, but these are only notable ways to achieve the desired vibe in the bedroom.

Author Bio : Naseem Hussain is a media blogger and writes for Manchester Deals, the on-line store for Quilt Covers and Bed Sheets.

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