Important Grouting Tips for Beginners

Grouting is a task that can be performed even by beginners. However, just like any task, it is important that certain tips and tricks must be kept in mind to ensure that your grouting job will be done good, if not perfectly. Here are some useful tips that beginners can learn about grouting.

Bathroom Tiles - Important Grouting Tips for Beginners

* Choosing the right color is very important.

Selecting the right color when grouting is very important. Always select a color, which will emphasize the design of the tile. Select a color that will not stand out, as it may be an eye sore once the tile installation is done. You also do not want a color that is very similar to the color of your tiles as this will not be emphasizing the design of the tile, which what you should want to achieve. Avoid picking crazy grout colors that will distract the people who are looking at your tile installation.

Once you are ready to check out your potential grout colors, always refer at the plastic color references or charts and not on the paper charts as the color may vary greatly in printed paper.

* Read the fine prints and follow instructions.

What you learned in school about following instructions will greatly help you when you start a grouting job. Always read and follow the instructions set by the grout manufacturer, especially when mixing the grout and water together. Usually, you will be instructed to wait for a specific time length before mixing the grout again. Moreover, the manufacturer’s instructions will also include measurements regarding the exact water amount needed to get the proper mixture. There are reasons why you need to mix your grout in such manner, which is why it is important that you follow the instructions set by the manufacturer.

* Too much water may not really be good.

If you have followed the manufacturer’s instructions closely, you should not be encountering this dilemma. However, it is a reality that many people make this biggest mistake when grouting. Using too much water when mixing your grout or cleaning up excess ones on the tile surface is a big no-no in grouting. Water can contribute to the weakening of your grout. If exposed to too much water, it can crumble sooner or later. Aside from that, water can also wash away the color of your grout making the finished product looking dull or washed out.

* Put some pressure on your grout.

When grouting, always put force when pressing the grout deep in the tile or slab gaps, so that the joints will be totally filled with the mixture. Never simply skim over the surface of the tiles using the grout float as this will not fill the joints completely. Forcing the grout deep into the gaps will ensure that total coverage is achieved. If the area is barely grouted, that grout layer is then weak and can easily break or crack.

If you are armed with the basics of grouting, you will experience very mistakes. You must familiarize yourself with grouting before you do perform the task yourself.

This article is a contribution by Jason McCoy, a veteran contractor from Dallas. You can find his blog at if you are interested to learn more about the entire process of grouting, sealing and which products to use for this purpose.

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