Important Tips And Ideas On Saving Those Wooden Floors

Reclaiming the wooden floor is a must, if you would want to save it from the vagaries of elements over time. After a certain period, the wooden floor’s surface tends to get worn and torn. The look thus on the surface isn’t appealing and shiny, not as what it was when you first walked on it. There is always a particular cure for the same, care to check online and the answers would come. Most of the wooden flooring these days is made from high grained wood. But looking at the house you own, it is understood that the floor is of last decade. And since it is outdated through continuous use, reclaiming the same is important.

Wooden Floors

Choose the right methods
Take a look online and there are many services that would help with wooden floor reclaiming. With various methods such as sanding being used these days, one has options. But before you call anyone to help with the needful, there are certain things to ponder on. It would thus be wise to do your homework on how to reclaim the floor. And this would bring about positive effects for the flooring, to last a lifetime.

Pick the right tools
Do your research on the sanding and reclaiming wooden floors and learn about the various tools needed, such as;

  1. A plastic sheet
  2. A pry bar
  3. A hammer
  4. A nail set
  5. A putty knife
  6. Sanders for large flooring needs
  7. Random and edge sanders
  8. A Paint tray
  9. Lambdas
  10. Wool application kit
  11. Rags for cleaning
  12. A set of paint brushes
  13. Most importantly a mask to ward of dust from your face and nose, eyes and mouth
  14. A vacuum, and a
  15. Tack cloth

For varnishing needs, the contractors around always use wool applicators and lambdas. And one can purchase these tools either online or at brick and mortar outlets too.

The next step
Once the tools are bought, the next step would be to have the raw materials in place. And if you aren’t sure about what to buy, here is a checklist which most services around use.

  1. A set of 8d Finishing nails
  2. 220-grit sandpaper
  3. 2 to 3 packets of steel wool
  4. A roll of masking tape
  5. Latex wood putty is a must for all the crevices, nicks and cracks
  6. A wood strainer

Homemakers can get them either online or at the local hardware store, no sweat about it. And remember, the material types are different and of a large range in the market to choose from. It would depend on the budget allocated for the task at hand.

Get all the wax and dirt from floor’s surface removed and if the floor isn’t thick enough to sand, don’t do it. There are other cautions to be aware of, generally used by contractors, which are;

  1. While sanding the floor use the floor models that vibrate carefully. They are easy to use and control, but very heavy to move. Hence when DIY is thought off, think if you would be comfortable running the vibrating model. If not take a look online and find one of the professionals around who can help.
  2. While removing the finishes and stains off the floor follow what the manual and instructions have to say to the core. Even when the floor is drying, professionals are very careful about not deviating from the guidelines.

Author Bio
DIY sanding of the floor is a time saver and keeps the pocket happy as well. Repairing and reclaiming floors is important, instead of investing in a new one altogether. Jason Pote has many more tips and ideas which can help with gym floor sanding. Use them wisely and see how a new look and life is brought forth into your space.

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