Incontinence products for the home

Incontinence is generally associated with the elderly; it is not exclusively so and companies marketing items to help sufferers realize this.  It can be a painful and embarrassing condition so anything that can help to make it bearable is very welcome.


Children do have a tendency to bed wet in their early years but the vast majority grows out of it. For those that don’t there are still some things that parents can buy to lessen its impact until the condition is successfully treated.

Growing up

In babies there is an automatic release of urine when the bladder fills to a certain point; that is until muscles develop to control the process. The message comes from the bladder to the brain which responds by ‘telling’ the bladder to retain the urine until the child decides to empty it.

It is the failure of these messages that result in the incontinence persisting though beyond the age of five incontinence drops to a small percentage. However even this percentage is catered for in items that will keep the child comfortable until a solution is found.

Useful products

There are such things as absorbent pads and protectors for mattresses, duvets and pillows that can help limit the damage. Each of these things is washable. You can buy sleeping bed liners and chair pads that are washable and disposable. The whole range has been devised to reduce the inconvenience of incontinence.

A supplier of these items online should have a website that describes its products and makes ordering a simple, secure and quick process. Some items may be made to measure in which case there will be a slight delay in delivery but stock items are available immediately. The idea of ecommerce has become normal practice with the result that local retainers have found the marketplace ever more difficult.

Online purchases

This is a specialist subject and good suppliers can be found online through the search engines which respond to keywords and phrases.   Once you have found a suitable supplier it should offer a level of service that will make you come back time and again for products as you require them.

The Internet is the best marketing tool a company has at its disposal in the modern World and successful business utilises a website to display its goods and services and the process of purchase and delivery. Answers to some common questions certainly help to make the decision to buy easier but a service minded company will certainly welcome questions and respond promptly.

There are a number of different treatments for incontinence and if it is persistent the ultimate treatment may well be surgery. That is rarely something that will be done in the early stages of diagnosis with exercise and drugs are more likely to be tried. During the time between first realizing there is a problem and final treatment there is companies that will help to make the condition more bearable. If you select one that seems to care you will not go far wrong.

Steve Smith is a freelance writer who lives on the South West Coast of Turkey; the small town of Dalyan, famous as a nesting site for the endangered loggerhead turtle. He writes on a series of topics ranging from current affairs and economics to consumer affairs and incontinence products

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