Is it Time for a Roof Removal and Replacement?

When undertaking property refurbishment, one area that most business owners dread to tackle is the roof, but keeping a quality roof over your head doesn’t have to be such a trial! Whether you have a commercial or industrial property, monitoring the condition of your roof should be a vital part of your maintenance regime, but how can you tell when it’s time to replace your existing roof?


The lifespan of the average roof depends on its material; slate roofs have the longest lifespan and last between 30 and 100 years, whilst wooden and metal roofs last up to 40 years. Whatever your roof is made of, it is vital that you are clued up on the indicators that say it’s time to upgrade with a roof strip and re-sheet (also known as a roof removal and replacement) – these are some of the tell-tale signs…

Shingle Damage

Cracked shingles can indicate that a roof is nearing the end of its service life as over time shingles become battered and bruised by the elements, whilst the sun’s rays have a drying effect on tiles which cause them to curl and shrink. As well as becoming more vulnerable to strong winds, cracked and curled shingles also allow easy access for rainwater, which can cause wider damage beneath the surface.

Granule Loss

On asphalt roofs granules provide shingles with the ultimate protection from the sun and prevent curling, shrinking and other damage, however, over time these granules become exposed and the shingles’ defences against the often inhospitable British weather diminish leaving your roof unprotected. Granule loss shows itself in areas of the roof that appear darker than others, these damaged shingles become extremely brittle and tend to feel the effects of the weather relatively quickly leading to leaks and missing roof tiles.

Indoor Damp and Water Spots

There are certain signs that show themselves inside the property as well as outside. Damp and water spots offer obvious indicators that roof repair or refurbishment is needed, whilst leaks caused by worn shingles, flashing or underlayment’s should be attended to by a professional immediately.

Moss Growth

Moss growing on your commercial or industrial roof is one of the most obvious signs that your roof needs attention. Moss grows in cracked or damaged shingles, and causes more damage as the roots hanker themselves down into every crevice and expand. Moss growth also allows rainwater to cause further damage, especially in cold weather, as this water freezes and expands. It is recommended that following your strip and re-sheet, your roof is treated with moss killer annually to ensure it stays in tack for longer!

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