Island, Bar, or Open Space? 4 Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen

You are considering a remodel of your kitchen but can’t quite decide what to do about some of the space that is available. Your options include adding an island, a breakfast bar, or leaving the space open for other options. Your final decision will depend on several factors including:

Nice Kitchen - Island, Bar, or Open Space? 4 Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen

The Space Available  

The first thing to do is look at the layout of this area. If there is a lot of space, an island or breakfast bar probably won’t fill it up. A nice dining set with a buffet may be a perfect fit. There may also be an option of both a breakfast bar and a more formal seating area. Also view where the space is at. If it is smack in the middle of the kitchen, an island complete with plumbing and electricity may be your best option. An island combined with a breakfast bar may also be a consideration.  

Your Budget 

The simplest and least expensive option is to leave the space open. This will give you the homeowner some flexibility as to what to do with it. You may place a dining table with chairs in that spot. It could become a play area or office space. Adding an island on rollers is also an option, but the attachments such as a sink and anything electrical would not be feasible. The advantage of leaving the space open is that as your family grows and changes, you can alter this area’s arrangement.

An island can be quite expensive, especially if a cooking unit, bread warmer, warming drawer, or a sink are added, but if that is what is really desired, price may not be an object. The cost of a built-in breakfast bar falls somewhere between the other two options. Look at the cost of the project and exactly what is desired for the space and make your final decision.

Your Household Dynamics  

One of your most important considerations is what your family wants and needs. If you are a dine-and-dash kind of family, a breakfast bar with comfortable stools would be an excellent option. If your relatives and friends are more formal, and you celebrate holidays with lavish, sit-down dinners, filling an empty space with a nice dining set would be most feasible. If there is a budding chef in your midst who needs plenty of work space, an island would be the practical addition.

Re-Sale Value  

Review the three options and decide which will add to the re-sale value of your home. You may not be planning on selling, but you never know what the future will bring. Check out other homes in the area and what the amenities are in the kitchens. Talk to a realtor and ask him what is important to a prospective buyer.

Visit a décor company like Esprit Décor for more inspiration. Deciding on what to add to your kitchen may not be an easy decision for you, but if you take all of the above into consideration, you will make the right choice for your family. The end result will make your family life easier and more conducive to your dining experiences.

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