Keeping a Clean Kitchen with a Messy Family

Every day, you bend over backwards to keep your kitchen sparkly clean. Unfortunately, no sooner do you finish cleaning the kitchen than your family messes it up. It only takes a few minutes for your children and spouse to undo all your hard work. Dirty dishes aren’t placed in the dishwasher, spills aren’t wiped up and muddy shoes aren’t removed before your family members enter the kitchen.

Granite Countertops

As someone who strives to keep a tidy home, you can’t help but become frustrated by your family’s wanton disregard for cleanliness. Instead of continuing to watch all your efforts go to waste, there are numerous steps you can take to keep your kitchen consistently clean. After putting the following tips into practice, even the sloppiest family will have a difficult time messing up your immaculate kitchen.

Convert to Granite Countertops

If you’re tired of constantly wiping up spills and getting rings out of traditional countertops, consider making the jump to granite. In addition to being highly resilient, granite countertops are far less susceptible to stains and rings than their wooden, glass and plastic counterparts. As an added bonus, these countertops are very easy to clean. Instead of spraying them down with chemical-laden over-the-counter cleaning products, a water-dampened washcloth should be all you need to make your granite countertops sparkle.

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Buy a Shoe Cabinet

As a parent and self-proclaimed neat freak, you can’t stand to see your children traipse around your kitchen in filthy shoes. In extreme cases, several hours’ worth of washing and waxing the floor can be undone in a matter of seconds. However, if your home lacks a porch or mudroom, your kids may be unclear on where they should put their footwear. With this in mind, purchase an easy-to-assemble shoe cabinet that features enough cubbies to accommodate each of your children. To ensure that muddy shoes never again find their way into your kitchen, place the cabinet right next to your home’s main entrance.

Provide Your Kids with Incentive to Help Out

As any parent can confirm, getting small children to help out around the house can be an uphill battle. Oftentimes, the only surefire way to enlist their aid is to offer some form of incentive. When dealing with younger kids, there are two ways to go about this: the promise of reward and the threat of punishment. Reward-wise, you can promise to take your children on a fun-filled outing, cook them a special meal or increase their allowances if they help out with dishwashing, floor-cleaning and other kitchen maintenance tasks on a consistent basis. Alternatively, threatening to ground your kids or take away certain privileges in response to them creating new messes can act as an effective deterrent against slovenly behavior.

Living with a messy family can be a frustrating experience for individuals who value cleanliness. To make matters worse, kitchens are veritable hotbeds for messes. The abundance of food, liquids and beverages found in most kitchens provide sloppy kids and spouses with countless mess-making opportunities. If you’re tired of ripping your hair out in frustration every time your loved ones lay waste to your kitchen, you can benefit from switching to granite countertops, purchasing a designated shoe cabinet and getting your children involved in the cleanup process.

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