Keeping Your Home Sanitary: How to Handle Septic Problems

Before buying a home and beginning the home ownership journey, you should think about the most suitable method of waste water disposal. In case you choose to install a septic tank, you should understand that the facility will require maintenance and repairs from time to time. Septic problems can cause you great inconvenience and undermine the comfort you enjoy while at home. This is why it is important to know what to do when you experience some of the common problems with your septic tank.

Septic Tank - Keeping Your Home Sanitary: How to Handle Septic Problems

Tree Roots

When you notice that tree roots have made their way into your septic tank, you should take action immediately. This is because such roots can cause great damage, including blocking inlet pipes. While trimming the roots would be a good short-term measure, you should hire an expert to address the issue. A qualified plumber will treat the roots and repair or replace any damaged pipes.

Strong Odors

Strong odors coming from your tank will not only compromise your comfort but could also be a source of embarrassment if you have guests in your home. When you use chemicals in an effort to kill bacteria in your septic tank, there is a chance this problem will occur. The best way to handle this problem would be to call a professional to inspect your tank.

Build-up of Solids

While your septic tank will have outlets through which excess water flows out, solid waste will accumulate on the floor over time. Build-up of the said solids may reach the inlet pipe after a while, causing serious plumbing issues. Since you will have to get rid of the solid matter, you should consider working with licensed waste removers.

Septic Tank installation - Keeping Your Home Sanitary: How to Handle Septic Problems

Collapsed Septic Tank

One of the reasons why this is one of the most serious problems is because a collapsed septic tank will pose health and safety risks. Whether the collapse is as a result of a cracked cover or aging, you should ensure that kids, animals and other vulnerable persons do not access the area. You should then have the tank repaired by a professional.

Request Professional Septic Services

Regardless of the problem you experience with your tank, you should always consider requesting professional help. This will allow you to enjoy quality inspection, maintenance and repair services. Professionals will help to address a wide range of septic tank issues.
According to Southern Sanitary Systems Inc., one of the best ways to avoid common septic tank problems is to be careful about what goes into the tank. Items such as feminine products should be tossed in the garbage bin rather than flushed down the toilet.

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