Key Home Fixtures for First-Time Owners

Getting one’s own home is an exciting thing whether it’s a flat in Taguig or one of the many and beautiful residential condominiums in Davao but wherever that home may be, having some space to yourself is both an impressive feat and a milestone in the epic journey that is life.

Table Space

The best part about owning one’s own space is the fact that one can personalize it to suit their needs, to match their tastes. There are many affordable home appliances and fixtures in the Philippines but this article will discuss the appliances and furniture that a first-time home owner truly needs.

Study Table – If there’s a dedicated home office then good but if the home does not have one then a study table is what the home needs. It’s good for keeping things in perspective whenever anybody needs some time to think, to work or even to read books. Having a dedicated spot for learning and working is good because it conditions the mind to think that it has to work whenever it enters that spot.

Dining Table – People need to eat, that’s a given and having a dining table for you and your family will definitely make meals more memorable and more fun. Eating together as a family is one of the many pleasures that people should enjoy more often and having a space dedicated to that simple act will go a long way.

Couch – Unwinding after a long day with your loved ones is important and a couch is definitely a big step in the field of relaxation. Not only does a couch make a home more “homey”, it also increases the aesthetic value of the common or receiving area.

Lighting – Lights are important to maintain visibility but they are also good for setting the tone in one’s home. Having a dark home may sound appealing for some people but owning a well-lit home not only keeps its inhabitants safe from falling or tripping, it also keeps them mentally healthy and sound.

Beds – Like eating, people need to sleep. For people to become productive members of society, they need the energy required to go about their day and the best way for them to do that is not by drinking coffee but by getting a good night’s rest courtesy of a good, ergonomic bed. A good night’s rest not only refreshes the mind but it also provides the positive outlook needed in the morning to start one’s day productively and happily.

Radios – Zen is defined as total state of focus and zen is an important state of mind wherein one is relaxed, focused and at peace. A way to achieve that and more is through music. Music helps set the tone in one’s home, whether the homeowner needs to relax, needs a pick-me-up or for simple leisure, having a radio is the way to go.

Refrigerator – Having a good refrigerator is important. Not only does it store food but it also keeps food fresh and safe for consumption.

Television – Television programs are mindless but it’s the simple act of spending some time for oneself or with one’s family is what counts. Having some downtime is almost as essential as the act of working itself because having a relaxed state of mind (See: Zen) is important to achieve one’s goals throughout the day – and relaxing in front of a TV is a big help in that as long as it isn’t done in excess. Everything in moderation, or so they say.

The new homeowner may also go for more luxury fixtures such as a hot tub or fancy appliances and refrigerators but what makes a home a “home” is the love and care that the homeowner invest in it.

Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for Eurotowers: Condominiums for Sale in Cubao.

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