Kids sharing a room? Divide and conquer

If you have two children sharing a room, it can be difficult to meet their demands for privacy in the space available. Although it is much cheaper to buy furniture online from websites like, the issue here may not be cost, but size. Keep an eye on décor-related websites, Twitter and Facebook which should give you ideas for creating space in the smallest bedrooms, as well as details of relevant offers and product launches. You can also have a look at bedroom furniture stores.

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Instead of spending money on child-size chairs that are quickly outgrown and take up space, try some bargain cushion ideas. Buy a large foam cushion and make a simple cover for it. Floor cushions allow children freedom to snuggle down and read or watch telly whenever they wish and they are safe and easy for children to move around. If you have floor cushions in the bedroom instead of chairs, they can even be stored under the beds. It’s a nice way to give your child the chance to make his or her own little nest for reading, listening to music or daydreaming.

A first step to privacy is to buy a cheap, free-standing bookcase. This can either be waist height or go all the way up to the ceiling. Place it between your two children’s beds. Or look for open metal or softwood bookcases and attach one side to the wall to prevent it falling over. This type of bookcase could be set at ninety degrees to the wall, between the children’s beds. It will give the sense of a divide between the two halves of the room, as well as providing the children with somewhere to put their belongings. Right now, there are some really great discount bedroom furniture for sale at

Folding screens are another way to create a private space. Make simple wooden frames or use lightweight interior doors, and join them with hinges. Either cover with fabric that matches the room’s colour scheme, or turn them into free-standing notice boards and let each child decorate their side of the screen. Even cheaper, hang a curtain between the beds. You don’t even need to buy a curtain for this purpose. Save money by dyeing an old sheet, or use a 1960s-style curtain of beads – they will love it!

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