Kitchen Appliance Essentials for the Bachelor/Bachelorette

In recent years we’ve seen a wonderful trend emerging – more people are taking an interest in cooking, particularly cooking healthy food that, more often than not, tastes just as good as it looks. There have been a number of theories for this trend floating about, with some pointing to the technological advances that have made cooking simpler than ever before, and others pointing to the rising popularity of television chefs who’ve opened the eyes of the public to easy to prepare meals at home.

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Whatever the reasons behind the increasing popularity of home cooking, it can’t be denied that we’ve some excellent, and easy to prepare, meals awaiting our taste buds should we so desire, and that there are some amazing new kitchen appliances on the market that can further increase our excitement about cooking at home.

Seeing that everyone’s taste in cooking has the potential to differ radically from someone else’s, it can be difficult, if not outright impossible, to compile a list of kitchen appliance essentials. On that note, here are four appliances that could be just what you need to make cooking at home easier and more enjoyable, especially when cooking for yourself.


Who could do without a blender in the smoothie age? Blenders are a must have for lovers of smoothies and fruit shakes, not to mention those who aren’t averse to a cocktail at home from time to time. As you can imagine, there are numerous blenders on the market, many of which are much more affordable than you may have been lead to believe.

In addition to smoothies and cocktails, having a blender on hand proves indispensable when making batches of soups (which can be frozen for later) and they’re also great for making sauces and whipping cream.

Food processor

Thoughts on food processors often vary wildly, especially amongst those already in possession of a blender, because most of the actions you can perform with a food processor you can also perform with a blender. However, whilst you can make sauces, soups, pesto, purees and a variety of other delights with either a blender or a food processor, if you want to chop vegetables and perform similar functions you’re going to need a food processor, preferably a large model.

The capacity of food processors varies radically – they range in size from 3-cup to 11-cup models – so give some thought to how much food you’ll prepare with it, how frequently you’ll use it and of course how much space you have in your kitchen to store it.

Toaster oven

If you only ever make toast then you probably won’t need anything more than a two slot toaster, however, if you don’t mind a bit of baking, cooking or roasting you might like to consider a toaster oven. Toaster ovens range from the basic to the seriously amped-up, so give some thought to what you’ll be using it for and how often you’ll use it because you’ll find a wide range of toaster ovens awaiting you.

Of the many advantages to possessing a toaster oven, reducing your electricity bills is one that no one can afford to overlook – think of how much electricity is used when heating up a large electric oven just to reheat a pizza or roast meal.

Rice cooker

Seeing that many of us enjoy cooking food from around the world at home with appliances from Britannia Appliances and other leading names, it’s not uncommon these days to spy rice cookers and many other not so common appliances in home kitchens.

Rice cookers are actually very versatile appliances, for in addition to cooking rice and rice dishes like biriyani, a popular Indian rice dish that has influenced, amongst many others Southern Thailand’s khao mhok, there are a number of non-rice dishes that can be made with a rice cooker, proving just how versatile this handy, not to mention immensely affordable, kitchen appliance is.

In addition to these handy kitchen appliances you might also like to look at handheld and stand mixers for baking, countertop grills for grilling chicken and fish, and perhaps a soda stream if you have a love of fizzy drinks but would like to safeguard your health and wealth.

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