Kitchen Design

The kitchen is fast becoming one of the most social rooms in the house. It is widely acknowledged that a brand new kitchen will sell a home so it’s well worth investing in a good one.

dining table and chairs

There are so many aspects to a perfect kitchen. Islands, if you have the space, can provide a great focal point. They provide food preparation space, often the oven hob and often great storage. Try hanging pans and utensils above. Kitchen islands come in all shapes and can be used as a dining area or a place for the family to socialise.

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When choosing your worktops take into account your circumstances – will you be cooking a lot? Do you mind if the worktops get marked and scratched? Here are some of the options:

Wooden tops are popular and appear in all sorts of kitchen designs. They can be used to prepare food on and paired with most colours and also stainless steel. But they do stain and spills will need to cleaned up quickly.

Composite worktops are very popular as they are easily cleaned and are hard wearing. They can be bought in a variety of colours and finishes. You could opt for a granite worktop which is glossy and expensive. It is easy to clean and is durable against heat and stains.

Will you be eating in the kitchen area? In terms of dining room furniture, an extending dining table can be a great space saver and gives you a lot of flexibility.

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