Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget: Cutting Costs, Not Corners

When people feel dissatisfied with the decor of their homes and feel the need to redecorate, they often assume that it’s the dated look or the inadequacy of the facilities provided by their current decor that makes redecoration necessary.

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What poor organization does

Often, the real reason behind the dissatisfaction that people feel with their current décor is simply that they haven’t been paying attention to organizing their homes in the best way possible. If redecorating makes a home feel better, often, it’s only because the project gives people the opportunity to rethink the way they organize things.

Knowing what you want

Reorganizing a kitchen or any room can make the space feel a lot newer than it really is. If you do feel the need to consider redecorating even after reorganizing your home, you’ll at least be in a better position to judge exactly where your current décor problem lies. You’ll have spent time thinking about the problems that your current décor has. With your deeper understanding, you’ll be better able to invest your money in ways that matter.

Knowing the exact results you want can also help you stay clear of the temptation to upsell yourself to bigger and better stuff. When you have a clear need in mind, you’ll be able to appreciate the reason behind every upgrade option.

Being clear about your needs can also help you be clearer to the contractor as you set out for the job you have on hand. If your needs are clearly defined, you will be in a better position when you try to negotiate a lower price.

If you’re remodeling for better storage space

If you need more storage space but don’t believe that you will live in your current house long enough to justify the expense of custom cabinets, you should know that such work isn’t likely to raise the price of your home much. When people buy a new home, they often plan to simply put in custom cabinets of their own to help them work the way they like.

The cheaper storage alternative is to build a large walk-in pantry. It can offer you all the storage space you could need without the expense of building convenient little spaces spread out over your kitchen.

If you want to redecorate to bring more natural light into your kitchen, knocking a hole in the wall to put in a window is often the first possibility that you may think of. If you don’t see yourself investing so much in your kitchen remodeling, DC expert Case Design has a great idea – you can instead invest in a bright new lighting system. You can achieve a remarkable new look very cheaply if you bring in a professional lighting consultant. With a new paint job thrown in, you can make your new lighting shine.

Save and splurge

The save and splurge method is popular among budget home decorators today. It involves holding back on expensive touches in many places around your kitchen and using the money saved to splurge in one place that matters.

For instance, if you like the idea of granite or marble countertops but can’t swing the asking price, you could consider restricting your granite use to one, visible area. You can have granite on your kitchen island, but settle for plastic laminate or tile on the other countertops.

Alan Rosinski loves home projects. He often writes for remodeling and DIY blogs to help homeowners figure out the details for undertakings large and small.

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