Learning to DIY: How to Become a Home Handyman

As a homeowner, your list of “to-do” projects seems to always be growing. You want a house that is beautiful and well-maintained but you also know that hiring a professional to get the job done probably isn’t in your budget. In order to have the home you want while not breaking the bank, becoming a home handyman may be just what you need. Fortunately, with the amount of resources available, becoming a DIY expert is easier than you may think.

Handyman - Learning to DIY: How to Become a Home Handyman


If you learn easily from reading and looking at diagrams, there are plenty of resources available. Many large home stores sell guides to common home renovations and maintenance projects, taking you step-by-step through each part of the process. They also often include color photographs so you can be sure you’re doing things correctly, as well as lists of tools and materials needed so you don’t have to keep running out to the hardware store.


If the idea of reading your way to the perfect home seems either boring or impossible, there are a multitude of videos available online that explain and demonstrate how to complete everything from completely simple to entirely complex repairs and upgrades. These tutorials are so effective that one single mom built her entire house from the ground up using nothing but video tutorials. Additionally, if you have any questions about your specific home project, you can often leave the question in the comments to be answered by a home renovation specialist.


If hands-on learning is more your style, you can likely find a clinic near where you live that covers the topic you’re having trouble with. Attending one or more of these clinics allows you to meet people from your community while building your DIY skills in the process. Even if you don’t currently need the skill being taught, it’s good to attend anyway, since it’s likely you’ll need that skill at some point in the future.

Trial and Error

Ultimately, a lot of what you learn as you become a more proficient handyman will come from trial and error. After all, you can read, watch, and learn all you want, but your specific situation is likely still at least slightly different than the one being described. It’s understanding how to apply what you learned to your specific situation that makes you a truly great handyman and can give you the solid experience you need to then teach the next generation all they need to know, as well.


Another way to save money in the long run is to watch over the shoulder of the professionals you hire to come to your home. As long as you’re not breathing down their necks, most home professionals are happy to explain what they’re doing, seeing it more as an appreciation of their craft than a judgement of their skills. Some professionals, such as HVAC professionals from companies like Advanced Heating & Cooling, will likely still need to come out to do major installations and repairs, but once you’ve watched them do the simple stuff once or twice, you’ll probably be able to do it yourself.

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