Let There be Light – Making the Most of Windows

We perhaps take our windows for granted, but they’re a key feature of any room and how you decorate them can make a huge difference to the ambience of the room.


Windows, we obviously want them to let as much natural light into our homes as possible, but we also want to cover them up with curtains or blinds. Windows are an architectural fixture and they present an opportunity for us to express our personal tastes when it comes to decorating. How you dress your windows can help determine the character of a room.

It’s important to strike a balance between your various needs, because we use our rooms in different ways. In summer you may want to keep a light and airy feel but still have the ability to cut down on sunlight entering at certain times. On the other hand, in winter you want to make the most of whatever light is available on grey, gloomy days but have a cosy, intimate feeling after dark.

Shutters and Blinds:
* For an airy feel and a hint of colonial style, consider fitting plantation-type shutters. Painted white they can add a strong geometric feature. But they also give great flexibility and control over the amount of light you allow to enter as you can set the angle of the slats or have them split at half height.
* You can achieve a similar effect at lower cost with blinds. Whether you go for traditional Venetian blinds or the more modern vertical style they are available in a range of colours to suit any interior theme.
* In bathrooms or kitchens you might opt for the simplicity of a roller blind. These have the advantage that you can set them to any height to control the amount of light that’s allowed to enter the room or provide instant privacy. You can make a roller blind more substantial by adding a wooden handle at the bottom. This helps it hang better as well as providing a visual connection to other furnishings.

It’s Curtains for You:
* From a simple square of fabric fastened on hooks at the corners, to dress the window of an attic bedroom say, to intricate, patterned drapes for a feature window in a lounge or dining room.
* You can add a quirky touch by selecting bold fabric designs or provide contrast with bright colours set against plain white walls. Or for a minimalist look with added privacy old-fashioned net curtains can be attractive and practical.
* For a cottage-style look stitch together some fabric off-cuts in similar colours to make a unique rustic curtain.

Unusual Shapes:
If you have windows that are an odd shape or size, don’t hide them away. Turn them into a feature by painting the surround in a bright colour or using the sill to display flowers or interesting ornaments. Alternatively turn the glass itself into a feature with a pattern in coloured glass or by applying a frosted film with a cut-out design.

If you want to show off your UPVC doors and windows as well as giving your home a unique feel, how you decorate is key.


Simon Hopes writes regularly on decorating and home improvement, if you need new windows a site like www.eurocell.co.uk/ can meet your needs.

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