Log Cabin Fever

Log cabins conjure up images of relaxing vacations that bring you nearer to nature. If you want to replicate the look in your home and prolong the tranquility, add some rustic touches to your home decor.

Log Cabin
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Furniture made from natural materials will echo the look of a log cabin. Chunky, unfinished wood, complete with visible lumps, bumps, and knots, will add character to your furniture. While seats, benches, and tables are the obvious items, a wide range of furniture is now available. Wooden desks, display cabinets, and rocking chairs will add character to your home. If space allows, you could even consider a log-framed pool table for the ultimate log cabin themed den.

Before you begin to create your log cabin theme, decide on the type of wood you want to use. Wood comes in many shades, including pine, cedar, oak, and beech. Frames for larger pieces of furniture, such as chairs and sofas, may look best if they are constructed from darker shades.

Don’t limit yourself to public rooms. A wooden-framed bed makes the ideal centerpiece in a bedroom inspired by the great outdoors. Bedside tables made from rough-hewn wood add to the intimate, log cabin ambience. Add a country feel to your kitchen by installing cabinets, dining tables, chairs, bar stools, or breakfast bar made from rustic, unfinished wood.

Items made from recycled wood will add an artistic touch. An old barrel can be transformed in to an occasional table. Old cartwheels can be turned in to coffee tables or form the back support on a wooden bench.

Log Cabin Fabrics:

You can bring the outdoors in to your home with camouflage fabrics. Curtains, pillows, throws, and duvet sets can all be produced in wonderful camouflage patterns. These are the perfect way to soften the look and feel of rustic, wooden furniture. Camouflage patterns are available in a wide range of colors. For the perfect log cabin look, mix shades of green and brown.

Throw pillows covered with leather or cow hide will add a hunting feel to your rustic room. Rugs made from animal hide, such as bear skins or sheepskin, will add warmth and comfort.


Log cabin furnishings need not be sparse or unwelcoming. You can decorate the walls with pictures of the great outdoors. Choose locations that are meaningful to you to give your home that added personal touch. Framed photographs that you have taken yourself, or by artists such as Ansel Adams or Jim Brandenburg, make ideal wall decoration.

Statues in the shape of wild animals, such as deer or wild birds, add decorative flourishes in keeping with the outdoors theme.


Carefully-placed hunting, shooting, and fishing accessories can add to the impression of a log cabin used for outdoor adventures. Vintage fishing creels, old wooden canoe paddles, and decorative decoys add interesting and unusual accents in your home.

Deer antlers are extremely versatile. They make great decorative accents on their own, simply place them strategically on a display shelf or fix a pair of antlers to the wall. Alternatively, they can be used to fashion statues, construct bases for lamps, or make unusual candle-holders.

As an alternative to flowers, display long, colorful feathers in vases or jugs. In contrast to a floral arrangement, feathers make a great permanent feature as they do not wilt.

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