Lush Landscaping: 5 Keys to Having an Attractive Front Yard

First impressions make a difference. The first impression someone has of your home is the front yard, so it is important to ensure that it has a wow factor. There are many ways to spruce up the front landscaping of your home to catch people’s eye.

Nice Front Yard - Lush Landscaping: 5 Keys to Having an Attractive Front Yard


Everyone will love to see a lush, green yard when they pull up to your home. Some homes are blessed with grass that will grow naturally lush and green from grass seed, which can save money and labor. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not the case. If your yard has little to no grass at the moment, sod is always an option. Laying down sod will turn your weeded or brown yard into a green paradise. Almost all landscaping companies are experienced in working with sod. This is one area where working with an expert will definitely pay off.


Flowers can add a colorful and striking contrast to green grass and really draw an eye to your yard. This is an easy way to beautify your yard because it is simple enough for most homeowners to do themselves, even with little to no experience in gardening. If you are really unsure of your planting skills, it may be easier to start with planting flowers in a pot until you get the hang of it. Choose brightly colored flowers that will stand out from your house and yard. Make sure you are aware of what type of weather you are planting flowers in as well as how much sun the area of your yard gets. Choosing the right flowers for your yard will ensure that the plants thrive and last a long time.

Small Details

Many people focus on the large areas of the yard, but paying attention to the smaller detailed areas will show guests that you pay attention to your landscaping. Areas such as around trees or surrounding the mailbox are commonly lacking areas of landscaping. This is a cheap way to spruce your yard up because the areas are so small that they don’t require many materials. Even just a few flowers or decorative yard pieces can really make a difference in these areas.

The Porch

In many homes part of the porch is visible from the front yard and driveway area. This is an important way to keep your landscaping looking top notch. Make sure there are no loose items on your porch that could make it look messy or unkept. A simple patio set and some decorative outdoor pieces can make a porch look put together and inviting. Don’t be afraid to use some bright colors to match your flowers!

Paving - Lush Landscaping: 5 Keys to Having an Attractive Front Yard


While paving is not exactly landscaping, it does make a huge difference in the look of your front yard. Get it paved if it is currently gravel or dirt, especially if it is a visible part of the front of your house. It may be expensive, but the look will be well worth the cost. It can also increase the value of your home, which is a bonus! You may also consider paving a path or walkway to your front door. This can make the front yard much more inviting and put together versus just having stepping stones or a gravel path.

It is not very difficult to increase the beauty and appeal of your front yard. Many of these options are things you can do yourself! Putting in a little work like planting flowers, decorating your front porch, or having your driveway paved by a company like Imperial Paving can really make a difference in how the landscaping looks. It is always a good idea to consider spending a little money to increase the value and appeal of the front yard, especially if increasing the value of your home comes along with it. Overall, a little goes a long way in having an attractive and lush front yard.

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