Luxurious Atmosphere in Your Home Backyard

A subtle touch of glamour and luxury is enough to transform even the most ordinary places into fairy tale scenes. Make your home your personal paradise – your dream castle which you can decorate the way you have always wanted. Use your sophisticated ideas to make your garden look timeless and classy and express your good taste with ease. Let our suggestions inspire your creativity so you can make your common-looking garden become a place of pure elegance.

Backyard Garden

Add a garden fountain

When you think about luxury, you can only think of elegant fountain as the crown of your lovely garden. If you choose to put a small terraced fountain or a simple tiered one in your backyard, you will make the right choice. Their classic look and charm will hypnotize everyone who looks at them.  Imagine looking at water and listening to its soothing sound on a hot day – beautiful, isn’t it?

Warm the place up

Don’t forget that even when the nights get colder, you will still wish to spend some time in your garden. In fact, it could even be more comfortable since insects don’t like the cold so much. All the trees, boxwood, flowers, and other plants in your garden can cause the air to be a little bit colder than you might think. Including a few fire pits may be a great way to solve this problem and add some style at the same time. Not only can you warm yourself up by the fire with your friends and family, but it will also make you feel safer and calmer just by looking at it. After all, is there a home without the hearth?

Hanging bed for extra comfort

There can never be too many places for relaxation, and an additional bed in your own backyard is a wonderful idea – just ask your children and your friends if they agree. You can even make it yourself out of an old trampoline if you have time and patience. Cover the bed with sheets, wrap the edges with cloth and suspend it with ropes from the sturdy support. You can even add ‘curtains’ out of silky and airy material to serve as protection from the sun and the insects.

Watery magic

We mentioned a fountain but there are other ways to use water in order to make your garden look mysterious and stylish. You can have a small stream built in your garden; it will look great especially if the ground is slightly sloped. This natural flow can even create little waterfalls or you can add small bridges in places where the trail leads across the water. If a person could have this pleasure in their own backyard, they would never wish to walk someplace else.

Attract birds to your garden

Having a birdfeeder is one of the best (and at the same time easiest) ways to enjoy wildlife. Maybe your area has many birds, but you haven’t noticed it before. Strategically place a couple of feeders in your garden and you will be able to enjoy the sight and the song of pretty birds up close. There are so many luxurious and fashionable bird feeders you can find – for example some made of clear glass and wires or old porcelain teapots.

Beautifully decorated garden will bring you and your family many pleasant moments. In addition, it will also be a nice and comfortable place for your children to play in.

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