Make your backyard fun and kids friendly

Creating a vivid backyard filled with outdoor activities can be a wonderful way to give your family additional space for fun. By observing both your children and your backyard, you can come up with different activities which you might consider. In addition, you can make it a DIY project and possibly incorporate your children in the process. Depending on your children’s interests and age, there is a variety of possible features you may want to install in your fun-loving child-friendly backyard.

Back Yard - Make your backyard fun and kids friendly

Make a survey

Nobody knows your children better than you, but if you wish for your backyard to be their haven try asking them for some ideas.

Probably, you will have to deduce their wishes on your own or argument against things that simply cannot be – like putting a water slide that starts from the roof, but you might also stumble on some great content. In this way, the backyard primarily aimed at children will be used by children.

Playing in Back Yard - Make your backyard fun and kids friendly

Make a plan and make some sections

After gathering your intel try to sort it out and make a plan. Your backyard cannot account for all of the ideas, at least not at the same time – so plan ahead. Some features like a swing may hang on all year long and won’t take up too much space, but plastic slip and slide can take up some room though it can be tucked away when it is not used.

Depending on the size and space of your yard, make sections for features that are more permanent and may require exact space, like a swing, and section out a larger flat piece which can be used for anything from a movie night outside to a neighborhood soccer game.

Teenage Girls - Make your backyard fun and kids friendly

For teens

Teens are the most difficult audience and yet creating some outside space for them may seem the easiest. The way to go may be a comfy lounge area with seats possibly surrounding a fire pit for those long evening talks. With adding some speakers and a white sheet you can create a place for a party or a movie night outside. Depending on your yard you can make the seating moveable with the use of chairs, or create a more comfortable fixed seating made out of wooden panels which can also be used as a useful storage unit. For some more ‘active’ activities try hanging a dartboard on a tree or a wall.

Girl Playing - Make your backyard fun and kids friendly

For the smallest ones

The smallest need their own fun space, let it be a sandbox for playtime which lasts for hours or a mud kitchen tucked away in the corner of your yard. They are all easy to make and easy to clean up. You can also add a chalkboard, either by buying one or making one on your own by purchasing a special paint and furthermore you might even choose a section of your wall or fence to suit the purpose.

All in all, creating a kid-friendly outdoor space can be more than just fun, it can be a learning experience as well. If you plan it out carefully, you can make your yard a part of family’s activities. By listening to their wishes and adapting your yard to their age, you can make your yard fun for your children for a long time.

Children Playing - Make your backyard fun and kids friendly

For older children

Older children need challenge and privacy, so best features include a treehouse or a tent but also some exciting game activities like slip and slide plastic sheets, trampoline, or tree trunks used as anything imaginable like goal posts or furniture.

Creating a vegetable garden just for them might also be the way to go, either by sectioning out a part of your yard or by arranging some flowerpots. Also, acquire watering cans and other tools that suit their age and find them a place to be stored or even create a station for planting and storage out of you old cupboard in your backyard.

As they are old enough, they can help you make these, and in that way learn some valuable skills while being creative. Safety is always a concern, so installing an Oztech Awnings Sydney might be useful in order to ensure that the children are protected from the sun while playing.

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