Make Your Bedroom Look Spacious With Space Saving Designs

A bedroom is one of the most important part of a house, where inmates relax, sleep and can be their real self. Relaxation and unwinding from a stressful day are most common activities that take place in a bedroom.  What if your bedroom is too small to make you feel comfortable?  The size of the bedroom does matter a lot while deciding the furniture items. But, even small rooms can be decorated, organized and maximized by placing suitable furniture pieces.  If you own a bedroom which is smaller in size then you must look at the following tips and tricks to decorate your room as beautifully as any large room in the house.


Decorating a small bedroom can be challenging,  but it can also feel cozy and warm if designed with little intelligence.  Use these 5 tips to make the most of the space you have.

1.) Remove clutter: The more scattered the room will be, the more smaller it will look. Avoid placing too many things in the room. Take a look around and see what are the things you can eliminate from your bedroom, that may not be used on regular basis. Consider shifting the extra furniture  in another portion of the house. As soon as you will remove all the unnecessary items and declutter your room, you will instantly feel the freshness of air wandering around in the empty spaces of your room. This will make you feel more fresh and relaxed.

2.) Scale your décor by the size of your bed: The size of your bed should be designed in accordance to the size of the room. A king sized bed will make you feel cramped and uncomfortable and reduce the walking area. Consider having a smaller bed in less spacious room. Also, scale down the accessories surrounding the bed in the same proportion to get a unified look.

3.) Add visual interest to your ceiling: The trend of  tray ceilings have become very popular in recent years. Adding fifth fifth dimension to the room can make it look bigger and spacious instantly.  If your designer gives you an option to add tray ceiling, then go for it and see how much volume you can get.

4.) Choose your colors wisely:  Dark colors make the room look compact and small. Always go for light pastel shades to create an illusion of spacious room. If you like dark colors, consider using them in accessories like pillows, rugs, and drapes and bed linen. Consider using lighter colors on the walls and ceiling such as beige, white, ivory.

5.) Buy modular furniture to maximize the wall space: Choosing a furniture for decorating small sized rooms can be a bit challenging. It is always advisable to make a note of measurements before buying any furniture. You can consider using wall fitted sliding wardrobes in your bedroom, rather than using open cupboards. This will not only save the space been used by wardrobes, but will also allow you to have more walking area. Always go for rectilinear furniture over curved furniture as they tend to take up more space.

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