Make your home look good by using crystal chandelier

Have you never thought of decorating your home by hanging a crystal chandelier in the middle of the living room?

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Of course yes! Everyone wants to buy them for creating a unique lighting style in the house. They look amazing when lighten up as they create different patterns with the beam of light. The only problem is that not everyone can afford to buy them. Due to the high end designs and unmatched craftsmanship, their rates are high which automatically associates them with the rich class.

Chandeliers are not a latest invention; they are in use from centuries for lighting and decoration purpose. No doubt, with time modern styles have emerged in the market. Different materials are used for creating magnificent designs. Wood, metal, iron, etc. are used for creating the frames but the main component used in these chandeliers is Crystal and it’s still the same. Different types of crystals like Swarovski, legacy, vintage; rock, etc are used for scattering amazing prisms of light in the room.

When it comes to designs, you might get confused with the wide variety available in the market. Thus, it’s very important to know about the types of crystals which are used in these chandeliers. It helps you in understanding the lighting styles in better ways and in purchasing the best one for your home.

Crystal Chandelier

Different types of crystals used in chandeliers:

  • Strass/Swarovski Crystals: These crystals are very expensive; their rates are high due to their unmatched quality. You can find perfect optic and razor sharp clarity in these crystals. They are machine cut and polished for achieving the highest levels of perfection. Chandeliers made by these Strass/Swarovski crystals are a masterpiece in itself.
  • Egyptian / Moroccan Crystals: These crystals are machine cut glass, which offer flawless clarity. Their prismatic brilliance and sharp visual purity makes them so unique. Even the rates are lesser than the Strass or Swarovski crystals which add to their popularity.
  • Turkish Crystal: They are hand cut crystals which are polished with marble dust on a wood wheel. The production process makes these crystals so unique as well as expensive. They are perfect for people, who like authentic stuff.
  • Chinese Crystals: They are just the entry level glass which is mass produced. You can find various cuts and designs in them but the optic clarity is not so good. Their rates are modest, which makes them popular among the people.
  • Italian Crystal: They are from the glass-making region, Italy. These crystals are not hand or machine cut, they are molded and fire-polished which results in a beautifully piece. If you like the vintage style, chandeliers made by Italian crystals are perfect for you

The glittering appeal of crystal chandeliers still makes them so popular. Their sparkling lighting effect can easily create a magnificent impression on the guests. Even during the day time, they can be admired for their craftsmanship. In every way a crystal chandelier adds a luxurious touch to your interiors.

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