Make Your Living Space An Oasis Of Calm

After a hard day’s work, it is the ultimate luxury to come home and sink into a beautifully cosy living room. Our guide will help you to create that perfect sanctuary for when you wish to relax and recharge at home.

Beautifully cosy living room

Think about your layout

Room layout has a clear impact on energy levels and relaxation, and the principles of Feng Shui, an ancient Oriental practice dating back over 3,000 years are fascinating in their treatment of placement, energy flows, positioning and colours.

Whether or not you subscribe to a formal system such as Feng Shui or not, you can create instant calm and relaxation in your living space by clearing it of clutter, making sure walkways are accessible, and positioning furniture for the activities you carry out and the life you lead within the space. Invest in good storage to tidy unnecessary items away and aim to have surfaces as clean and clear as possible – potentially with just some art or decorative items to appeal to the eye. Look at modular and integrated storage, such as footstools with interior compartments or deep storage drawers and cubes with lids.

Look at lighting

A harsh bright light is as ineffective as a too dim and flickering light when it comes to creating tranquillity. Look to layer your lighting, with a soft background source such as a dimmable and beautiful overhead light – a chandelier creates soft sparkle for example – and then task based lighting for activities such as reading, which can be switched on and off. Spotter lighting can then be used to add accents and mood, or to flag up items of visual interest such as paintings or architectural features.

Invest in the right furniture

If your sofa is sagging and old, or harsh and uncomfortable, invest in the best for your well being and calm. Recliner sofas, such as the ones found at are a real treat to sink into, with deep cushioning, comfortable arms and backs and the ability to change the position of the sofa to a reclining one at the end of the day. There is no greater feeling than kicking off those shoes, laying back on your sofa and unwinding with a drink at the end of the working day!

Choose the right colours

Colour therapy is also an important factor in perfecting your living space. Avoid bright, brash and overly bold Colours – such as primary shades, reds, neons and so forth – unless you are actively seeking an energising and lively space, rather than a calming one. The best calming colours tend to be muted and soft. Remember too that by adopting a more neutral decor, you can have fun with regularly changing accessories in brighter shades, without needing to redecorate. Look at soft mushroom greys, duck egg blues, calm aqua greens, gentle ivories, cool greys and dusky pinks. All work well to soothe the mind and create that relaxing backdrop that you crave.

Accessories with flickering candles, a thick pile rug, and sumptuous fabrics which feel beautiful to touch – fur throws, velvet cushions and other little luxuries which will make you feel pampered and special. After all, home is your sanctuary, and this space will always be one you love to return to!

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