Making Your Kitchen More Inviting

These days, the kitchen is much more than just a place to create meals. Kitchens make for one of the most popular gathering places in the house, and are where people often come to hang out, do work and dine together. Since your kitchen plays such an important social role in your family, it’s important to make it as open and inviting as possible. The following are a few tips for making your kitchen the most comfortable hangout place in the house.

Kitchen cabinet


A great way to highlight the depth of your kitchen, and to let light flow through it, is by installing glass cabinets. Glass panes enable you to display your beautiful pottery and dinnerware instead of having it all concealed behind opaque cabinet doors. This will help to open up the space in the kitchen and make it look lighter and more inviting.


The right lighting in the kitchen can make all the difference, especially if your kitchen is small and windowless. Cabinet lighting for your kitchen can illuminate both below and above the cabinets, which eliminates dark, shadowy corners. Recessed lighting can do wonders for covering the important work areas such as the kitchen sink, stove and countertop, and will add warmth to the room in addition to improved visibility. Modern track lighting, pendant lights and chandeliers also add a nice touch.


The colours you choose for your kitchen will make a lot of difference when it comes to what tone or mood you want to set. If it is an inviting, light and open feel that you are after, then consider sticking with lighter and brighter colours such as white, yellow or other pastels for the walls, cabinets and appliances. The décor doesn’t have to be bland, however, as kitchens look amazing with a splash of colour such as a bright red or stunning green. If you have a lot of decorations in your kitchen already, it is recommended that you stick with lighter, more subtle colours for your walls so that your decorations and art pieces will stand out.


Even just one potted plant – such as a golden jade or a spider plant – will work wonders at making the space look more inviting, as well as adding a breath of fresh air to the room. Popular places to put plants in your kitchen are on windowsills, the top of cabinets, a special plant stand or the edge of a countertop. A beautiful bouquet of flowers placed on the kitchen table or anywhere else in the kitchen will also emit a positive energy in the kitchen. Use flowers such as chrysanthemums, daisies, sunflowers or pansies in your arrangement to add a spring-like feel to the room. Roses, orchids and lilies will also give your kitchen a touch of elegance.


No great hangout spot is complete without somewhere for people to sit. Unless your kitchen has a dining-room table, you may want to consider bar stools for the counter or kitchen island, or even a bench next to the window where people can sit and relax.

The kitchen is the most fun room in the house for people to hang out in, as it is generally the most active and, of course, it’s where the food is!

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