Mixing And Matching Furniture Styles Guide

Furniture items have been used in households ever since the first ones had been built. Styles changed and continue to change with time, new materials are being invented and introduced to the existing furniture palette while something that has been revolutionary just a few years ago becomes almost traditional nowadays.

Living room

Does that mean that we have to wait until our current furniture falls apart or do we simply throw it away and replace it with the latest trend that we fell in love with? Luckily no, since only a few of us could afford these constant changes, not to mention have the will to change everything every couple of years. Yes, you can go for that contemporary bookshelf or a night lamp and mix and match it to your traditional furniture at home. Still, there are limitations to that too and here is a guide how to do it successfully.

Plan ahead and throughout

Going into a furniture salon and randomly pick items from different period in history, different in material, color or style, for example and bringing them home to furnish your living room has a minimal chance of success. You will end up with having a room that looks like a hodgepodge and a genuine eyesore. You need to think through your desires and be absolutely certain what is it that you wish to achieve. Think of it as gradual process where you will add ingredients and spices to your main dish while tasting it along the way.

Decide on the center piece

Having a definite center piece of your mixing and matching adventure is the safest start. This chosen item will dictate the rest of the process and it can never get out of focus due to other furniture pieces you add. If you have more than one dominant item you are risking the desired compactness of the room in general, it will simply fall apart and turn into a mishmash.

Choose a characteristic feature

Mixing different historical periods, various materials and textures, color and patterns, countries of origin, everything is allowed and can be uniquely successful. That is, if you find at least one thing that links them all. That can be anything out of features mentioned above. This may not be easily recognizable or even identifiable by your visitors, still, they will undoubtedly know if your mix and match is successful. Simply, if it lacks a binding element it will look disintegrated and somewhat accidentally put together.

Have neutralizers

Remember, you need to mix and match at the same time. Even if you have a center piece and a distinguishable common feature the moment you push everything else to extreme your mixing and matching will fail. Therefore, have some neutralizers, something that will calm down the atmosphere. This can be achieved by using neutral wall color, as well as compatible floor color palette. If you favor floor rugs pattern and color uniformity is more than welcomed since it will reinforce the mixing and matching effort and at the same time sooth the atmosphere.

Shape and color

Uniformity is the safest choice when it comes to shape and color. Matching different historical periods and materials used is easier and more successful if you keep the shape pattern. It is somewhat limiting but it allows you more freedom in other interior design areas. The same applies to color. Therefore, familiarize with basic color matching theory, know complementary and analogous color principle and apply them, there are multiple combinations you can choose.

Leave empty space

Above all, let your room breathe. You do not have to buy every furniture item you like and put it in your room. Know when to stop or replace items from time to time, leaving each piece of furniture enough room to be clearly noticeable in its full glory, have its purpose and be used frequently. After all, that is why you choose it in the first place. Remember, this is a house not a gallery.

Mixing and matching different furniture styles is a great way to give personal touch and create a unique setting in your home. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to be both creative and practical during the entire process. What more can you ask.

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