Modern Floor Lamps Add Whimsy to a Room

Sometimes you just need to shed some light in a room. Floor lamps can provide lighting you need for a variety of tasks, especially reading, writing or sewing, making them a great addition to a room you like to relax in.

Floor Lamp

The floor lamps at Crescent Harbor Modern provide the lighting you need and also a touch of whimsy. Their slender, unusual designs, which might remind you of modern art or even robotics, don’t take up a lot space, so you can get the light you need while enjoying an innovative modern aesthetic.

Their Shakti Floor Lamps come in white, orange, red or fuchsia with a satin or chrome plated base. The light is inside a slender Plexiglass tube, almost flame shaped. The Shakti lamp stands over six and a half feet tall and has a dimmer. The Gina floor lamp is a metal structure covered in cloth, with a wider top than base. It calls to mind the shape of a flashlight or a really tall chalice. The Homology floor lamp may help you recall visits to a modern art musesum; its polyurethane and plexiglass shade are shaped to give you a sense of either a human figure or a bent paper clip, depending on your mood. The Tripod floor lamp may make you think of the lunar landing or an old fashioned base for a camera.

All these and more provide whimsical modern designs with accessible lighting for your favorite rooms.

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