Modern Wash Basin Design Ideas for Bathrooms

Wash Basins are one of the most important features in any bathroom. They equip us with the facility to wash without wetting our whole selves. We can go and clean up after eating, using the lavatory or coming from outside through the use of these wash basins. I mean imagine using a shower every time you want to wash your hands. Sounds like too much trouble, doesn’t it? So, for that purpose and so many more, we need wash basins in our lives and in our bathrooms. And for that reason, I feel it’s good to invest leniently on this life-saver. Let’s take a look at all the amazing options that you have for your bathroom wash basin ideas and then choose one for yourself:

Wash basin Pearl bowl - Modern Wash Basin Design Ideas for Bathrooms

Bowl Design Wash Basin

This design is very good for a house with kids. Given to its big size, water spillage can be avoided and therefore, you can keep your bathroom clean. The only pre-requisite that you need to fulfil for this, is space. You need a big bathroom for this type of wash basin.

Wall Mounted Wash Basin

This wall mounted wash basin will give your bathroom that modern, sleek appeal. You can install a wall mounted vanity beneath it to complement the whole idea. The good thing about this design is that it’ll also free up some space and give the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

Abisko Wash Basin

Now, this edgy design by We think and Eumar is all about making waves, both literally and figuratively. It represents the waves in an ocean and is available in two colors – red and black. To install this unique wash basin in your bathroom, you need to have enough space as it is big in size. It looks very regal in its appearance.

Cup Appogio Wash Basin

Made up of ceramic, this trendy design for a wash basin has two uses. One, you can use it as a basin and the other one is that you can use its handle for a towel holder. It will look good in any modern bathroom design.

Cow Wash Basin

Another very hip design for wash basins is the cow design. It is very playful and stylish at the same time. You can install this basin in your kids’ room and I am sure it’ll make them brush twice a day or even more; it will become an attraction in your house. Its softness is its winning point.

Poor Little Fish Wash Basin

Now, this one, I feel, is a very cool design, because it is focusing on saving water. Most of the times when we open the tap, we don’t pay any heed to how much water we’re wasting – we just keep the tap running till we stand in front of the basin. But, with this cool idea of a fish in the water tank, we will actually be compelled to close that tap, in order to save that fish from dying. How amazingly creative of an idea is that!?

These are a few of the many wonderful options that you have for your new wash basins. They are trendy, modern and out of the box, and they will surely give your house an edge over the others. So, do not leave out on spending money for the bathrooms as they are equally important in the decor of any house. Now, you don’t want your guests to feel any different when they use your bathroom, do you? All the best!

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