Modernize Your Home Windows: 5 New Styles that are Trending

When considering upgrades or modernization to existing residential homes, window replacement must be on top of the list. Replacement windows significantly reduce energy use, beautify and add value. The trusted experts of Oklahoma City Glass are standing by in order to inspect, evaluate, estimate and recommend new windows for your home. Certain designs of windows will enhance the original architecture and character of the home. Other window styles will give a home more updated style and panache.

Home Windows

Casement or Awning
Casement or awning windows have only one piece of glass within the frame and open with a crank opener mounted at the bottom for a casement window, and on the side for an awning window. This allows the window to tip in or out. Because the window pane tips or rotates outward, it is ideally suited for locations that are high. A transom over a door or picture window is a good example of an awning window.

A picture window is a large stationary window that cannot be opened. It will frame a panoramic view, or it can be a group of many fixed sections of window such as glass block which provide privacy but let in light and color. Sometimes, a picture window will be flanked by windows that can open on either side.

Double Hung or Single Hung
This variety is one of the most popular window styles today. The two sections of the window are able to slide past one another in the same frame allowing for up to 50 percent of the window to be open at one time. Double hung windows can be installed in clusters which provide the visual benefits of picture windows while retaining the capability of opening for air flow. Single hung windows have the look of double hung but can only open at the bottom of the window.

Horizontal Slider
Horizontal slider windows are the easiest to open. This design is perfect for a window over the kitchen sink, or alongside a picture window. The easy opening character makes this variety well suited for large and heavy windows that are frequently opened. Horizontal sliders are popular as patio doors.

Specialty Windows
A beautiful window that is perfectly placed will make a home extraordinary. The perfect specialty window will enhance the appearance of the interior and exterior year round. An expert window contractor from Oklahoma City Commercial Glass, is able to offer creative suggestions for the ideal specialty window for your home.

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