Moving Across Country? Tips to Make Packing Easy & Stress Free

Moving may be a necessity due to a new job or purchasing a house that works better for your growing family. However, moving itself is never simple and the longer you’ve lived in your present location, the more “stuff” there is to go through, make decisions about and move. When moving across the country, there are things you can do to decrease the stress and to make packing less of a hassle.

Make Packing Easy

Make a Plan
Develop a moving plan. Any plan starts with a list. You need to know what you have before you can decide what to do with it. You will need to go through everything, even those things stuck away in closets, the basement and the attic. Your list might include things to sell, things to give away or donate to charity, things to keep that have sentimental or historical value and things to keep like furniture and books that will be on display. The list narrows down what items you will leave behind and what items will need to be packed for the move.

Consider Storage
Maybe you have items that are not used all that often, but you aren’t ready to sell them or otherwise dispose of them. One way to decrease packing stress is to rent a storage facility says the experts from Fontana, CA. Self storage is a great option for keeping your items safely stored and give you time to concentrate on packing those items that will be used on a more regular basis, such as beds, tables and cookware. Storage is also a positive idea should there be a time lapse between vacating your current residence and moving to the new location.

Boxes and More
Gather plenty of sturdy boxes. These you can get on your own or the moving company may offer them. Boxes are not all alike. Heavy books need sturdier boxes then paper products. Keep stress low by not using large boxes that end up too heavy to lift. Box labeling is important for easier packing and less stress on arrival. You can make this even less stressful by using color-coded labels and markers. Assign a color to each room. Once you reach your destination, the color on the box will reveal the room where it belongs. Along with color-coding, label each box with the contents. Books would, then, not only belong in the living room, but right beside the bookshelves.

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