New Year, New Bathroom! 3 Bathroom Updates to Consider for 2019

The beginning of a new year often inspires homeowners to update some of the outdated parts of their home. If you’re wanting to embark on an updating project, a bathroom remodel is a good place to start. Bathroom updates can potentially increase the value of your home, have a positive impact on the bathroom’s functionality and efficiency and increase the aesthetics of the room.

New Bathroom - New Year, New Bathroom! 3 Bathroom Updates to Consider for 2019

Eco-Friendly Options

When updating your bathroom, you might want to consider going green. An eco-friendly toilet should be one of your updated features. Each toilet flush takes a large amount of water so having the option to cut that down could help save water and utility cost in the long run. Water-efficient faucets and shower heads are another feature that will enhance your updated bathroom and help your budget. Speak with a plumber or contractor about updates that would fit well in your home and their cost now and in the long run.

Bathroom Tile

Tile is an excellent material choice for bathroom floors and shower enclosures. Tile is a durable product—perfect for a high-traffic area of the home. There is extensive diversity in tile color and texture and in the design patterns you can create. Wood and natural-looking tiles are a 2019 trend. These tiles can add elegance, sophistication, and an element of nature to your bathroom. Tile tends to be easy to clean. It can successfully be incorporated into decor ranging from contemporary to rustic. Stencil tiles can be used in almost any bathroom décor. Black and white stencil tiles can complement everything from modern to farmhouse décor themes. More colorful stencils can be used to exemplify your unique design style. Mosaics retain their popularity in the new year. You can expect to see neutral shades in intriguing mosaic patterns as beauty and simplicity continue to converge.

Updating the Shower

A frameless shower is a key element in bathroom updates for 2019. Frameless showers contribute to the visual spaciousness in the room. They enable you to showcase the tile design you’ve chosen for the interior of the shower. They require less maintenance than framed showers or showers that require a curtain. The trend of creating spa-like bathrooms is expected to continue in 2019. Frameless shower doors don’t have the stark, straight-edge design that framed doors have. Their smooth appearance is a beneficial element in creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom while also bringing a modern, sleek design to the room. Contacting a custom glass company, like Valley Glass Utility or one in your area, can help you get a better idea of how the finished product would look in your own home.

Comfort never goes out of style. Your new bathroom design ideas should include features that provide comfort, joy, and utility. Consider updating your bathroom with eco-friendly option, easy-to-clean tile, and modern, sleek glass features from trusted, local companies like Valley Glass Utility.

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