Newest Heating and Cooling Technology

When thinking about the latest and greatest with heating and cooling technologies it isn’t always the green methods that first come to mind. However, there are a number of green technologies that are excellent in efficiency, but also excellent for our environment.

Heating And Cooling

Here are a few examples of these new technologies.

  1. Rooftop solar collectors. These collectors can be used individually or grouped together to both heat and cool the environment or your building’s water supply. The collectors absorb the sun’s rays and convert them to energy. It is very efficient and can help you decrease your other energy bills. One thing to consider is that these systems are often expensive, though there are tax credits or right offs. So before becoming discouraged by the cost of the system to decrease the energy bills, look into what kind of tax credit might apply to you.
  1. Another form of heat is utilizing geothermal heat, or the constant heat below the surface of the earth. You can’t just tap right into this and harness heat. Instead, you can use another really efficient system, the heat pump. The heat pump outdoor coils take the heat from the earth or air and push it along for either heating or cooling the interior environment.
  1. A natural and renewable source of energy is wood fires. This is considered to be biomass energy. This source of energy comes from plants and trees that absorb the sun’s energy and release it during the burning process. It is much more efficient and a lot less expensive than many other forms of heating.
  1. Biodiesel. Most people immediately think of a large diesel truck and do not attribute diesel as a form of fuel that can be used for heating or cooling their homes or buildings. But it can. Not only that, it is a clean burning fuel that can be used as an alternative to other fossil fuels. Oil used to be the cheaper option, thus the more desirable option. However, as the costs of oil goes up the cost of diesel becomes more attainable. The biggest downfall to this fuel option is that there is a limited supply of distributors, so not everyone who currently uses oil as a fuel source could switch.
  1. Ice powered air conditioning systems. One of my favorite of the green or newer heating and cooling technologies is the ice powered air conditioning systems. Instead of just using power to cool off the environment you live or work in, you could use these ice powered systems. Normal air conditioning systems use a tremendous amount of power to keep the environment cool, especially if you live in an area of extreme heat, like the desert in the summer. To cut down on these energy drains the ice powered systems generated energy to freeze water in to ice overnight. The ice is then used to keep the refrigerant cooler during the day, thus cutting down on how much energy it takes to generate the cool air on its own. It is said that this type of system may actually decrease overall energy costs by approximately 30%.
  1. Last but not least is the tried and true wind power. Wind power has been around for a few decades, but it continues to be refined. In the past, large windmill fields were required to produce the energy needed to really make it worth the effort. However, some of the latest research has found a way to harness the wind energy using a small, pint sized wind turbine.

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